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Posted by Martin July 19, 2023

Technical view: Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB)

  ABNB is in stage #2. The stock just broke above its resistance at $130 a share and rallied hard. The stock is reaching another resistance at $145, and we need to see if it breaks above it but I would assume it would gain momentum and breaks it. The weekly chart shows the breakout Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2022

Technical view: Tesla (TSLA)

  TSLA is in stage #4 of the trend. It broke lower again although it bounced, and it is now attempting to go higher. However, even with this bounce, there is no trend changer at all. The stock is clearly in a full bearish trend. The weekly chart shows it in a better and straight Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 23, 2022

Technical view: ARK Innovation (ARKK)

  ARKK is in stage #4. A week ago, the stock saw a great rebound when ARKK jumped from $32 lows to $40. But that bump didn’t last long. Last week, the stock reversed again and dropped erasing half of the previous week’s gains. The weekly chart provides some hope that the stock may still Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 16, 2022

Technical view: Apple (APPL)

  AAPL morphed into stage #1. After it reported stellar earnings, it continued its #2 rally, but Jay Powell killed it with his inflation speech. The stock crashed in three days. But the more this stock goes lower as people panic, the more I want to buy it. People keep saying that this was the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 01, 2022

Technical view: Airbnb (ABNB)

Airbnb reported earnings, and the stock crashed by more than 7% after-hours. In this technical view, we take a look at what happened: &nbsp: Airbnb reported Adjusted Earnings Per Share (EPS): $1.79 actual versus $1.53 expected = BEAT   Revenue: $2.88 actual billion versus $2.83 billion expected = BEAT   Nights and Experiences Booked: 99.7 Continue reading →