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Posted by Martin January 29, 2024

When and Why Rolling Options Spreads

Rolling options spreads is a challenging task. Many times, I roll due to expectations or my fear, and it ends up being a mistake, like the last trade I opened a few days ago, and it was a too-soon roll. When trading SPX, I usually sell Iron Condors. I started trading extremely conservative strikes (1 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 22, 2024

The SPX Crumbs Strategy Is Working!

I started trading an SPX Crumbs Strategy and developing it into other instruments such as individual stocks and futures. And it is working. I still deal with the old SPX trades that got me into trouble, but I am slowly eliminating them. It will take time, but I am confident. In the meantime, I trade Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 11, 2024

November – December 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

Our SPX Crumbs Strategy works great so far. I hope it will continue like that for years to come. September was a volatile market. After a strong rally since the end of the bear market in October 2022, the market pulled back. Our strategy sustained that pullback. We made good money even when the market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2024

Accused of being a scam and fraud

I started this blog in 2008. I posted about my investing and trading journey. I post my trades, opinions, views, analysis, and results. Yet, I am still being accused of being a scam and fraud. I posted my recent Crumbs strategy, trading SPX (and stocks), and showed that this strategy was finally winning. Immediately, people Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 27, 2023

Oh those emotions!

Human emotions are the biggest enemy of any trader. I fight emotions all the time. Actually, in fact, the emotions fight me. And I suffer. Just today, I had a panic attack when watching the market. And it was utterly unreasonable and stupid.   What Happened?   I had two trades on. One was set Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


Posted by Martin December 11, 2023

Did I finally find a working SPX strategy?

Another day and another winning trade, selling Iron Condors against SPX. This morning, I opened a 0 DTE SPX Iron Condor, and it finished OTM expiring worthless, delivering a decent credit (100% annualized return). This looks like I finally found a winning SPX strategy! If you browse other traders on the Internet, Facebook, or Twitter, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 11, 2023

Discipline and patience in the stock market

Discipline and patience are fundamental pillars in the realm of trading and investing, serving as the alpha and omega of success. The absence of these virtues can lead to substantial financial losses, a lesson I personally learned the hard way. Three years into my trading journey, I encountered a significant setback, losing approximately 60% of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 07, 2023

Navigating the Noise: A Case for Ignoring Market Predictors and Gloom-and-Doom Pundits

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, investors are bombarded with a constant stream of opinions, predictions, and analyses from various sources. From the talking heads on CNBC to market predictors and gloom-and-doom commentators, the noise can be overwhelming. This blog post aims to explore why investors should consider tuning out these voices and focus Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 07, 2023

Market Consolidation continues

The market had a tremendous year after 2022 bear market. Many investors and pundits refused to accept it, some still continue predicting doom and gloom. We rallied but later, we see a market consolidation in place. The market started turning lower last few weeks and it really seemed that it will flip to a correction. Continue reading →