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Posted by Martin October 03, 2021

September 2021 $100 Challenge account review

September 2021 is over and we continue building our challenge account. We are currently tracking our goal, our metrics are slightly below the goal but we are moving higher. As I mentioned before, building a small account is a slow process but as time goes by, it will speed up and you will be pleased Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 06, 2021

August 2021 $100 Challenge account review

August ended for our Challenge account. It was a successful month though. Although our account is still very young and is growing slowly, it is already showing signs of speeding up. We still hold our option position which is affecting our net-liquidation value but as the trade progresses towards expiration, it will make our Net-Liq Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 08, 2021

July 2021 $100 Challenge account review

July 2021 is over and here is our challenge account report. In the month of July, we were still accumulating our funds to be able to trade options. At the beginning of August, we opened our first options trade. It may have been a bit early as the trade went shaky a bit and we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 06, 2021

June 2021 $100 Challenge account review

We have completed our first month growing our $100 account to $75,000. At first, the net-liq value was a bit bumpy but it quickly recovered. We also deposited another $100 to our account (we will keep adding $100 every month). As of today, our account is worth $302.67. That makes our account behind the monthly Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 15, 2021

$100 Challenge account review

Our first week of growing a $100 dollar account to $75,000 is over and here is the weekly Challenge account review. We opened the account last week and deposited $100 initial investments plus the first month’s $100 deposit. We started with a $200 dollar account. As of today, our account is worth $200.36   Accumulation Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 01, 2021

Turn $100 in $75,000 in ten years challenge

If you have a small account and wish to grow your account faster than just buying stocks and holding them I started a paid service (in fact a challenge) where I will show you how I did it myself. Investing and trading is a process and it can be done even though the system is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2021

Starting small

It is hard to start investing and trading when you have a small account and only a few dollars in your account. Unfortunately, a small investor is doomed to take a larger risk than if you have thousands of dollars at your disposal. Taking a $500 risk on one trade feels different in a $1,000 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 19, 2020

Selling Covered Calls below your stock cost basis. What to do?

The covered calls strategy is considered the safest strategy good for beginners and almost all brokers will allow you to trade this strategy in their basic options trading tier level. Yet, that doesn’t mean that this strategy is riskless and has no potential to give you a hard time trading it. It can become a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 07, 2020

Why do so many people selling puts fail?

Maybe, you are one of the people who got excited and started selling put contracts against stocks or even dividend stocks and failed. I was there too. I was selling as a hell. I was selling puts a lot. And I failed too. Many times. I lost tons of money selling puts. Then the puts Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 05, 2020

Stocks to accumulate in October 2020

Our September accumulation was a great success. We have reached 100 shares accumulating a few of the positions such as PPL, PBCT, and now we will be accumulating more shares of other companies such as AT&T (T), Altria (MO), or Tyson Foods (TSN). There are still good companies which are undervalued even in this overvalued Continue reading →