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Posted by Martin June 13, 2024

What a surprise!

Here we go. Inflation data and PPI came in showing slowing inflation. That is what almost everybody expected yet it came as a surprise to Wall Street. It still amazes me how irrational the markets are. But it could be because of media which feed us with their bullshit headlines every day trying to tell Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 10, 2024

Repositioning our portfolio

I spent the first half of 2024 repositioning our portfolio to align with our goals. I took some trades off, some are “parked to a later day” when I will deal with them (for example, I converted some of the bad SPX trades into a “box” and now I keep rolling it away). When I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 02, 2024

Is the weakness in the stock market over?

I had a bullish trade when I bought futures contract late in April 2024 and then I was trailing my stop higher. I thought this could continue longer but then I was stopped out. I was thinking: did I place my stop loss (in fact it was a stop gain loss) order too close the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 27, 2024

Futures trading – Waiting for a breakout

At the end or April, I entered into futures trading. Not just trading options against futures but also buying and selling futures contracts. It turned out to be a very profitable trade and I plan on trading it again. The only issue with this type of trading is that it is very capital intensive. Unlike Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 15, 2024

Why I Switched to Trading Futures and Futures Options

I run a program for subscribers to present my trades and post trade alerts. Anytime I open a trade, close it, or adjust it, I send out an alert so subscribers can copy trade my trades. Any subscriber can also ask any questions and if they need help I can help them with trades, explain Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 20, 2024

Rethinking Investment Choices: CDs vs. Annuities

When faced with the myriad of investment options available, many individuals find themselves comparing traditional investment vehicles like Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and annuities. While both offer unique advantages, a closer examination may reveal why they might not be the most lucrative options for those aiming for substantial long-term growth.      

Posted by Martin January 29, 2024

When and Why Rolling Options Spreads

Rolling options spreads is a challenging task. Many times, I roll due to expectations or my fear, and it ends up being a mistake, like the last trade I opened a few days ago, and it was a too-soon roll. When trading SPX, I usually sell Iron Condors. I started trading extremely conservative strikes (1 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 22, 2024

The SPX Crumbs Strategy Is Working!

I started trading an SPX Crumbs Strategy and developing it into other instruments such as individual stocks and futures. And it is working. I still deal with the old SPX trades that got me into trouble, but I am slowly eliminating them. It will take time, but I am confident. In the meantime, I trade Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 11, 2024

November – December 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

Our SPX Crumbs Strategy works great so far. I hope it will continue like that for years to come. September was a volatile market. After a strong rally since the end of the bear market in October 2022, the market pulled back. Our strategy sustained that pullback. We made good money even when the market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2024

Accused of being a scam and fraud

I started this blog in 2008. I posted about my investing and trading journey. I post my trades, opinions, views, analysis, and results. Yet, I am still being accused of being a scam and fraud. I posted my recent Crumbs strategy, trading SPX (and stocks), and showed that this strategy was finally winning. Immediately, people Continue reading →