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There are many investors who contacted us asking “how can we trade options when we have a small account”. Or others were telling me: “We cannot invest because we only have a few dollars a month and it makes no sense investing it, only big money makes money.”

None of it is accurate. Everybody started small unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. I started with very little cash too. I was investing $50 a month since I started in 1996. It was hard to invest like that back then. Commissions would eat all possible profits!

Yet I managed to save enough to grow a small account larger. Then I discovered options. Many new options traders blow their accounts after initial success. I too blew my account. Several times. But I was determined. I studied how to trade the markets, stocks, ETFs all instruments. I studied options strategies. And I traded everything that could get me to riches fast. But only a few can make it. And I am NOT one of those few (it is hard to admit).

So I was looking for a strategy that would generate income that could be reinvested to grow my account.
That’s how discovered dividend growth stocks.

I was looking for more income.
That’s how I discovered options.

Options are a powerful tool. It can make you rich fast. But it can also destroy you fast.

When I destroyed my account for the fourth time, I realized that that was not the path to riches and retirement. There is no fast route. I calmed down, and I started again, for the fifth time. I started with little cash to invest and I did it slowly. At first, it took forever to grow a small account. But then, something miraculous happened. The account started speeding up and snowballing to more and more gains and more income. As of today, it went from $1,600 to $82,000.

And that’s why we created this challenge account to show you that it can be done and guide and help all other small investors to grow their accounts too.

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  • guided trades, step by step the way I did it when I was rebuilding my account
  • weekly newsletter
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We offer our challenge account program for $15 a month with one month free. Try and see if this helps you to gain confidence in your trading or investing.




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