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Posted by Martin January 24, 2022

Did you sell everything today? Psychology and stupidity of retail investors.

Did you join the retail investors today and sold everything? If you are wondering what drove the market today, you no longer have to. It was retail investors according to Blomberg and data from brokerage houses and their order flow reports. Today’s trading in the stock market was a typical view into the soul of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 23, 2022

ARKK embarrassing results

ARKK returns last year and at the beginning of this year were so embarrassing that they decided to change their home page to no longer indicate YTD returns.    

Posted by Martin January 23, 2022

Our SPX PCS strategy will be spectacular when panic selling ends

This selloff in SPX is a blessing as well as a sour moment in the markets. It is a blessing because once this ends and people realize that they were overreacting once again, we will see a nice recovery. It may be slow and long, or a “V” shaped. In both cases, once our SPX Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 20, 2022

Stocks bounce couldn’t hold

It looked promising in the morning as the stocks bounced higher possibly creating a bottoming process. But then it was slowly bleeding and erasing all morning gains. The investors continue to act as if FED is going to increase the rates to 10% or some similar number. Not the case. At the most, we will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 20, 2022

The market bounced, was it enough selling or will we see more?

After Wednesday’s market selloff we finally got a bounce. This was a second bounce last week. The question is, will a momentum hold followed by a rally – a sustainable rally, or are we seeing just a relief bounce/rally and renewed selling next week? We must wait to see.   Bearish sentiment, not so bearish Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 18, 2022

Market is still going lower but you should not panic

It is difficult to watch your portfolio value slump when the market is selling off. I am down almost $7k as of today. But I am not worried about it. Why? It is because I hold good quality stocks. At least, I think they are good quality companies. And I haven’t sold a single share. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 05, 2022

The market was weak and hopeful but today it broke

I prepare my newsletter about the market outlook during the week and I wrote this yesterday: So far, this market has shown weakness. But a few things may turn this around – 4Q earnings season and good retail sales reports that will propagate into the earnings results and estimates. If that doesn’t save us, nothing Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2022

December 2021 $100 Challenge account review

Although the year 2021 is over, our Challenge account program’s fiscal year will end in May 2022. We are in month 7 of the program and as you will see below, we are tracking our goal as projected so far. The start of the options trading in the account was a bit challenging as our Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 07, 2021


What was obvious a week ago that Omicron probably is not as bad as investors perceived (definitely not worse than the Delta variant), and FED tapering no longer matters, everybody started chasing the markets again. Last two weeks investors were selling everything. Today, they are buying it back at higher prices. Many are screaming “buy! Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 05, 2021

November 2021 $100 Challenge account review

Trading a small account requires a lot of patience and diligence. It is not get-rich-quick trading. When trading a small account, all odds will be against you – the fees, restrictions, regulations, everything will be set to make your journey hard and difficult. But the payoff will be sweet. When I started trading options I Continue reading →