Posted by Martin April 19, 2021

Why I think there will be no stock market crash anytime soon

Last few weeks and months, many people thought and predicted that there will be a stock market crash. Many predicted another crash in 2020. That didn’t happen. Now they are predicting a crash in 2021. Here is why I think there will be no market crash in 2021 either.   Pundits join the stock market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 04, 2021

5% to 10% correction

Today, the stock market went down again marking a drop below the 5% threshold and beginning a 5% to 10% correction. It now counts for 16 days of selling and choppy movement up and down. As of today, we closed 5.9% off of the peak. And it may not be over yet as fear is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 28, 2021

Why there is no bubble except fear bubble

The only bubble out there is the fear bubble. The best way to look at the psychology of the markets and how Wall Street works. And the best way to look at market psychology is to look at VIX. The long-term mean value of VIX is between 10 and 20, see the blue box. Recently Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 10, 2021

How to buy great companies that are expensive: Valuation still matter

Many investors these days forgot valuations and started chasing companies that have no revenue, no income, and that are burning cash every quarter. Yet they are hot and their prices are skyrocketing. There are plenty of companies that are great and valuable but they trade at a premium to their intrinsic value. For many years Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 04, 2021

Is investing and trading in the stock market a passive income?

The simple answer is NO, it is not. Investing in the stock market could be considered a passive income, trading is not passive at all. So, why investing is not a passive income? Although you may reach the fruits of investing and create a passive income in investing, it is only a small portion of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 04, 2021

So, I was waiting for media to tell us what happened today

And sure, the old song has been used to describe the selling in today’s markets:   Stock market news live updates: Stocks sink in first session of 2021 as virus concerns, election uncertainty weigh   Market Recap: Monday, January 4 Stocks fell Monday in the first session of 2021, as concerns over a post-holiday spike Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 28, 2020

Stock market plunges on virus fear

Stocks opened lower as expected and crashed -2.40% on virus fear. This makes the market correcting another 7.5% within the original 10.6% correction. Kind of a correction inside a correction since we haven’t fully recovered from the first one. This also breaks all previous patterns (unless we recover by the end of the day) and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2020

A storm is coming

On Thursday, big names are reporting earnings… AMZN, AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL, and FB… and these companies can shake the market for sure. I think the best one can do is to stay away for now until we see what is going to happen.    

Posted by Martin October 27, 2020


Selling in Wall Street is set to continue tomorrow. On Monday we saw the indexes declined (SPY ended the session down 0.33%) and the negative sentiment seem to continue. The futures pre-market data indicate the DJI to drop even more. As of now the opening will be down more than 300 points or -1.14%. Of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2020

Cup and handle failed, what now?

The stock market was forming a cup and handle formation, but yesterday, this pattern failed. If we were to continue the pattern, we were supposed to continue higher as indicated in the picture below:     Since this pattern failed, what is ahead of us now?   We can see or identify two other possible Continue reading →