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Posted by Martin November 25, 2023

Americans achieved record spending, online shopping up 7.5%

As the news about holiday spending is coming, we achieved a new record! Just this morning, the news reported $5.6 billion on stuff. In the evening the news reported that shoppers spent over $10 billion; 7.5% up compared to 5.4% last year and 3% to 4% expectations. That’s great. But the question remains: how will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 25, 2023

Americans keep spending

Yesterday, I wrote a post with a link expressing that retailers were worried about Americans not spending enough this holiday season. Their reasoning was:   Dwindling savings Increased credit card debt Stubborn Inflation and high prices everywhere Student loans repayment kick off   They also expressed concerns about shoppers delaying their purchases and ordering less Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 24, 2023

The best time to buy REITs is now (even if you think otherwise)

People are avoiding REITs, and many said they wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot-long pole. It is interesting to see the irrational behavior of people not experienced in investing. For example, in 2021, when Realty Income (O) was trading at $70 a share, everybody was rushing in and buying. Everybody was claiming to be a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 24, 2023

Markets digesting Thanksgiving turkey

Today, the markets closed early after the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a slow moving (non-moving) day perfect for Iron Condors. Today, we will see how shoppers will deal with the Black Friday deals and how it impacts the markets in the coming weeks. The markets didn’t move much and we are seeing the momentum slowing. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 22, 2023

How to start trading options

On social media like Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter, I keep finding this question all the time: “How to start trading options.” And it can be intimidating to start trading options if you are new to them. Where to start? What to do? Recently, I found a question from one Redditor saying that he read a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 22, 2023

Stock market’s unimpressive move up on tech stocks boost

The market moved up on tech stocks boost. But it was a quite unimpressive move. We jumped in the morning on Microsoft’s upper hand over OpenAI circus hiring Sam Altman back and now negotiating his return back as a ChatGPT CEO. NVDA reported earnings and crushed it again, but surprisingly, the stock went down ($487.38 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 21, 2023

Markets down supposedly waiting for NVDA

Media are spinning their narratives telling us what they think (usually after the fact) what is going on. And now they tell us that the markets are down because of investors waiting for Nvidia (NVDA) earnings report after the bell. If it was true, that would make the market extremely stupid. They are selling now, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 20, 2023

SPX broke up from a very short consolidation

Last week the market broke up from, what I think, was a very short consolidation pattern. After the big rally sparked by a better-than-expected CPI report last week, the markets stalled and traded sideways for a few days. This happened right under the major resistance at 4,525. So, the question appeared, was this going to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 17, 2023

Indexes flat after a strong rally helped our trades

After the October CPI report, the markets saw a strong rally, which helped our struggling puts but hurt our calls. We opened a few Iron Condors a few weeks ago, and when the market rallied, we rolled those calls into puts. But soon after we did that, the markets sold off again, and the puts Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 13, 2023

Options Portfolio Management

When buying stocks in a cash account, you can go all in and be fully invested. But when you are buying stocks on margin and, on top of that, trading unsecured options, proper options portfolio management is a must. I learned my lesson the hard way when, during the raging bull market, I invested everything Continue reading →