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Posted by Martin June 11, 2022

HFEA May 2022 strategy report

The HFEA strategy continued underperforming significantly in May 2022. Our SPXL is down by -34.52% (thanks to options, the loss is only -30.63%), but the biggest surprise was a substantial loss on TMF holding that was supposed to protect our SPXL drawdown. It didn’t. The TMF is down by a stunning -57.92% (and since we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 30, 2022

HFEA April 2022 strategy report

Our HFEA strategy got a severe beating in April as there was nowhere to hide. Stocks got beaten down as well as bonds. A TMF position that was supposed to protect the account got sold off terribly and we hold larger losses in TMF than in the SPXL. The only unit that held a bit Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 02, 2022

HFEA March 2022 strategy report

In March our HFEA strategy continued underperforming thanks to our position in TMF. The bond fund continued struggling. It became a victim of the FED’s tightening and reducing its bond purchasing program. Bonds tanked. But I decided to change my allocation and increase my position in SPXL when rebalancing the portfolio this month. Originally, I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 05, 2022

HFEA February 2022 strategy report

February was not a very good month for the HFEA strategy. We lost a significant amount of money and the reason is that TMF (a bond leveraged ETF) didn’t participate in the market as a hedge. Basically, investors were selling everything across the board. Stocks and bonds lost money. Originally, I dedicated $15,000 for this Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 29, 2022

HFEA January 2022 strategy report

I cannot believe that January is over. And it was a horrible month for our HFEA strategy. The HFEA lost ground amidst the selloff. I think it was a rare occurrence as our TMF protection was not protecting the SPXL holdings at all. Both leveraged ETFs were losing money. Shouldn’t TMF (bonds) be going up Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 01, 2022

HFEA December 2021 strategy report

In mid of November, I added the HFEA strategy to my portfolio. It took me a while to release funds to fund the strategy but at approximately mid of December I dedicated $15,000 (not exactly, it was slightly less but for now, $15k is my threshold) for this strategy. And here is my monthly strategy Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2021

Adding HFEA strategy to our account

If you are reading our weekly investing and trading reports, you know that we started trading SSO and SPXL leveraged ETFs to our portfolio. The reason for that was that we wanted to outperform the SPY better than just trading single stocks or indexes. We wanted more aggressive growth in our portfolio. The leveraged ETFs Continue reading →