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Posted by Martin November 11, 2017

IRA positions November 10th 2017

                      Closed positions          

Posted by Guest October 26, 2017

When is the Right Time to Invest in AAPL?

Apple is the biggest publicly traded company that is not a bank, with a market value of $752 billion. Newcomers will surely want to invest in this tech giant that shows no sign of stopping, despite pivot after pivot. Before deciding when to invest it is important to identify some patterns that can give you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 26, 2015

Want To Get In On Apple? Consider Its Suppliers as Investments

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is still trying to recover from the negative reaction to its third quarter earnings report last week. While the reasons investors were unhappy varied, the main reason related to the recently unveiled iPhone 6. Worried that Apple may have reached its pinnacle in selling the high-end smartphone, investors sent the stock lower. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 21, 2015

Sold second AAPL bull call spread for 158% profit

As I mentioned yesterday in my Apple post I had another bull call spread against AAPL with expiration next week. I closed the first one on Thursday to avoid partial assignment for a great profit of 236%. Today I closed the second trade for another great profit of 158.77%. This second trade wasn’t as easy Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 19, 2015

AAPL Bull Call Spread finished with 236% gain!

I do not see a gain in hundreds percent level too often. Many of my trades usually end up between 6% to 50% range. This time a scored a big win with my Apple (AAPL) bull call spread I opened at the beginning of December 2014. Apple is a company which is making money. It Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 12, 2014

Learning options – debit spreads with AAPL

Learning options - debit spreads with AAPL

As I continue learning options as a tool to make more money than just with dividend investing I moved into reviewing debit spreads. If you follow my blog, you know that I do not prefer debit trades much. With debit trades, you pay up front for the trade and then you have to hope for Continue reading →

Trade exits – TASR (+3.11%), AMZN (+9.54%), AAPL (+3.54%), FCX (+3.07%) Happy Friday Expiration

Trade exits - TASR (+3.11%), AMZN (+9.54%), AAPL (+3.54%), FCX (+3.07%) Happy Friday Expiration

This week trading was definitely something. It was erratic and crazy. I had some trades which were good, turned bad, ugly, and great again. All in one week! So what happened and what trades I had or could take off the table? Let’s take a review. Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) – This was a great trade Continue reading →

Trade exit – AAPL long call for a loss (-24%)

Trade exit - AAPL long call for a loss (-24%)

I once read a story about a trader who was quite successful trading futures – E mini S&P 500 and he was making a lot of money. Later he wanted to start trading different markets and he decided to trade currencies at Forex. Guess what. He almost lost everything. So he got back to trading Continue reading →


Today I opened two new trades for income. The first trade was against Amazon (AMZN) – a bullish trade – bull put spread. In the morning the trade looked very good, later the stock collapsed (intraday) and then slightly recovered. I think it was Yellen and her testimony sending tech stocks down. When she finally Continue reading →

New Trade – BUY OCT14 CALLS on AAPL – my first directional trade

New Trade - BUY OCT14 CALLS on AAPL - my first directional trade

This trade against Apple (AAPL) will be my first directional trade buying long calls. In the past I traded this kind of option strategy the wrong way and no wonder that it didn’t work for me so I stopped buying options and instead started selling options. First, let’s take a look on the chart below, Continue reading →