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New Trade – Amazon (AMZN) weeklys Bull Put Spread, will it succeed?

New Trade - Amazon (AMZN) weeklys Bull Put Spread, will it succeed?

Here is another new trade I plan to open tomorrow morning. It will be a bull put spread against Amazon (AMZN). The stock shows a great push up at the beginning of a new breakout trend. I believe it will repeat the previous cycle when it broke up from a squeeze. If it repeats the Continue reading →

Trade exits – TASR (+3.11%), AMZN (+9.54%), AAPL (+3.54%), FCX (+3.07%) Happy Friday Expiration

Trade exits - TASR (+3.11%), AMZN (+9.54%), AAPL (+3.54%), FCX (+3.07%) Happy Friday Expiration

This week trading was definitely something. It was erratic and crazy. I had some trades which were good, turned bad, ugly, and great again. All in one week! So what happened and what trades I had or could take off the table? Let’s take a review. Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) – This was a great trade Continue reading →


Today I opened two new trades for income. The first trade was against Amazon (AMZN) – a bullish trade – bull put spread. In the morning the trade looked very good, later the stock collapsed (intraday) and then slightly recovered. I think it was Yellen and her testimony sending tech stocks down. When she finally Continue reading →

New Trade – BUY SEP14 PUTS on TASR

New Trade - BUY SEP14 PUTS on TASR

Yesterday, I was thinking that if the weakness in TASR stock continues, I might be further taking advantage of it and offset losses on my put contracts. I decided to buy a put contract against TASR. When looking at the charts it is apparent that the selling took place and will be gaining more strength Continue reading →

New Trade: Bull Put Spread: DEC14 TEVA

New Trade: Bull Put Spread: DEC14 TEVA

Today I opened a new trade against TEVA. The stock recently triggered a break out from a longer term squeeze and both indicators I watch are pointing for an uptrend move. Both indicators (Bollinger bands and Keltner channel) provide me with 70% chance that the stock movement direction will follow indicator’s direction. And because I Continue reading →

The best trade ever

The best trade ever

My yesterday’s trade finished today with full profit. I managed to keep the entire premium I collected and the option against GameStop (GME) expired worthless. Although there were many doubts out there whether GME is a good stock to own or not I trusted my sense and expectations when opening the trade. Of course, I Continue reading →

New Trade: SELL MAY4 14 PUTS on GME (weeklys)

New Trade: SELL MAY4 14 PUTS on GME (weeklys)

This morning I entered another trade against GameStop (GME). It was a bit speculative trade and a source of either a quick profit or a big burn. Today after market close GME reported 1Q results and I took a risk of being burnt if the company reported disappointing results. This trade will expire tomorrow, so Continue reading →

New Trade: SELL NOV14 PUTS on GLW

New Trade: SELL NOV14 PUTS on GLW

My account grew a bit once again and I decided to open another trade – a new put selling trade against Corning Inc (GLW). The company in a nutshell manufactures glass (if you can call it that way) which is used in iPhones, smart phones and tablets. That gives the company a great advantage as Continue reading →

Last week trading wasn’t as bad as it looked

Last week trading in my account wasn’t as bad as it originally looked like. Today, I reviewed my account, calculated all numbers and waited for my “Personal Capital” numbers to come in. I let Personal Capital to watch all my accounts. It tracks all my trades and balances. Although my investing or trading style doesn’t Continue reading →

Time to switch to conservative options trading

After reviewing last week trading and next week outlook I decided to switch into more conservative option trading. I usually traded options very aggressively but it seems that now it may be time to slow down a bit. What does it mean taking a conservative trading approach? I usually take an aggressive approach. That means Continue reading →