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Posted by Martin January 18, 2022

Market is still going lower but you should not panic

It is difficult to watch your portfolio value slump when the market is selling off. I am down almost $7k as of today. But I am not worried about it. Why? It is because I hold good quality stocks. At least, I think they are good quality companies. And I haven’t sold a single share. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 16, 2022

2022 Week 02 investing and trading report

The market keeps its choppy trading on fears. Investors are getting rid of the high multiple stocks and with the bathwater, they are pouring out the baby too. The selling had an impact on our net-liq although not as bad as the prior week. Our options trading increased slightly too as we were rebalancing our Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 08, 2022

2022 Week 01 investing and trading report

The new year 2022 hasn’t started very well as the FED released its meeting minutes that spooked the markets rushing away from tech stocks. As I will present in this investing and trading report our account lost 5% in the first week of the new year while the market lost only about 1.8%. But I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2022

December 2021 $100 Challenge account review

Although the year 2021 is over, our Challenge account program’s fiscal year will end in May 2022. We are in month 7 of the program and as you will see below, we are tracking our goal as projected so far. The start of the options trading in the account was a bit challenging as our Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 31, 2021

2021 Week 52 investing and trading report – End of the year!

Wow, the year 2021 is over. I wish all my readers Happy New Year 2022! It was exceptionally good year. I made a lot of money this year trading options, buying dividend growth stocks, and reinvesting the dividends. Overall, I achieved 60% ROI trading options, but if we take into account that I started the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 25, 2021

2021 Week 51 investing and trading report

One more week and the year 2021 will be over. So far, it was a very good year investing and trading in dividend growth stocks and options monetizing my positions. This investing and trading report will show our effort in achieving our goals. As Santa rally came to the town, our Net-Liq recovered form last Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 18, 2021

2021 Week 50 investing and trading report

December is almost over. The entire year 2021 is almost over. Despite extreme volatility, FED, inflation, fear, I must say, 2021 was an exceptional year for me. This is almost the last investing and trading report this year. I was reporting my progress diligently every week to show how I was doing. And the results Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 11, 2021

2021 Week 49 investing and trading report

As expected, the December market recovered once the panicking investors realized that the Omicron fear was not justified. Fear of the increased inflation didn’t materialize as inflation, though high, was within expectations. The market rallied last week and in this investing and trading report, we can announce another great achievement: our account reached the $100,000 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 05, 2021

November 2021 $100 Challenge account review

Trading a small account requires a lot of patience and diligence. It is not get-rich-quick trading. When trading a small account, all odds will be against you – the fees, restrictions, regulations, everything will be set to make your journey hard and difficult. But the payoff will be sweet. When I started trading options I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 05, 2021

2021 Week 48 investing and trading report

November 2021 and the beginning of December 2021 ended up as my worst performance so far. Of course, I can’t expect that our account will go always up only, there will be drawdowns, but as you will see in this investing and trading report, our net-liq lost $8,562 which represents a loss of 8.93% since Continue reading →