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Posted by Martin September 18, 2017

Strangle 2 STX Sep22 34.00/30.00

UPDATE: September 18, 2017 Today, the trade closed. Both legs got purchased back for 0.05 debit.   ORIGINAL TRADE Another strangle opened today:   STO 2 STX Sep22 34.00 call STO 2 STX Sep22 30.00 put @ 0.44 credit limit   STX @ 32.19 IV @ 34.92% EM @ 1.87 DTE @ 15   Open Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 07, 2017

Strangle 3 TECK Sep22 26.50/22.50

Today, I sold another strangle:   STO 3 TECK Sep22 26.50 call STO 3 TECK Sep22 22.50 put @ 0.25 credit limit   TECK @ 24.56 IV @ 42.96% EM @ 1.47 DTE @ 15   Open trade Premium Trade Status 09/07/2017 $75.00 OPEN Acc# 8008  

Posted by Martin July 12, 2017

New STX Jul28 Iron Condor (ROTH IRA)

UPDATE: July 12, 2017   Great! I just found that STX will be reporting on July 25th instead of August 2nd as was indicated in my broker’s platform. So, now this trade is a total different story as I will now be holding through earnings and I could get busted should the stock move violently Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 17, 2017

New STX strangle trade

Trading strangles can be very profitable trade if done correctly. Trading strangles during company earnings can be even more profitable. But is can also be quite dangerous. I am posting a new trade for you all to watch, follow or paper trade.

Posted by Martin March 14, 2017

Seagate Technology (STX) triple play adjustment

Last week, I made an adjustment to the Seagate Technology (STX) when the stock suddenly dropped. Maybe, I was a bit hasty adjusting the trade as the stock seemed to recover the losses. The sell off happened upon a downgrade from some so-called analyst who thought he could predict the future and all those clowns Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 09, 2017

Seagate Technology (STX) triple play trade adjustment after stock drop

You can predict the market all day long and yet you will end up 50% chance of being wrong. Sometimes you will be wrong right at the beginning of the trade. And that is a reason why I do not predict the market or stocks’ move. You plan a trade, set expectations, and everything runs Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 07, 2017

STX dividend capture – triple play

We are opening a new triple play – dividend capture trade against STX (Seagate technology) stock. The stock has ex-dividend on March 20th so we must become owners of the stock before that day. This goes perfectly with the March 17th options expiration. We can sell naked (or cash secured) puts, collect premium, and let Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 14, 2016

Handling a losing trade after assignment

It is interesting how things in the stock market can turn on a dime. Yesterday all my stock positions were great, and the sky was at the tip of my fingers, today, everything is the exact opposite. A few trades which i have opened yesterday and which were doing well are now in the money Continue reading →