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Posted by Martin March 06, 2024

The Curious Case of Tesla (TSLA) – More Car than Tech?

Hello, fellow Tesla skeptics! Today, we’re diving into the high-voltage drama surrounding Tesla (TSLA), the company that’s become as famous for its CEO’s Twitter escapades as for its electric vehicles. Buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy (and cheeky) ride!

Posted by Martin February 12, 2024

Evaluating Boeing as an Investment in 2024

Investing in the stock market requires a keen eye on market trends, company performance, and investor sentiment. Boeing, a giant in the aerospace industry, has been a topic of debate among investors, especially considering its challenges and market position in 2024. Let’s delve into the different perspectives on Boeing as an investment, based on recent Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 01, 2024

The Resurgence of Micron Technology in the Dynamic Memory Market

Micron Technology, a key player in the semiconductor industry, primarily known for its memory and storage solutions like DRAM and NAND flash memory, is witnessing a significant phase in its business cycle as of early 2024. This post delves into the current state of the memory market, examining the trends and forecasts that are shaping Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 24, 2023

The best time to buy REITs is now (even if you think otherwise)

People are avoiding REITs, and many said they wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot-long pole. It is interesting to see the irrational behavior of people not experienced in investing. For example, in 2021, when Realty Income (O) was trading at $70 a share, everybody was rushing in and buying. Everybody was claiming to be a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 21, 2023

Markets down supposedly waiting for NVDA

Media are spinning their narratives telling us what they think (usually after the fact) what is going on. And now they tell us that the markets are down because of investors waiting for Nvidia (NVDA) earnings report after the bell. If it was true, that would make the market extremely stupid. They are selling now, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 02, 2023

Technical view: 3M Company (MMM)

  MMM is in stage #4 but attempting to create a new base (forming to stage #1). Lately the stock went from an all-time high of $250 a share to last week’s close at $87.52 a share (over 65% decline since 2017). I bought this stock for $202 a share when it first dipped thinking Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 27, 2023

Technical view: iShares Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF (ICSH)

  ICSH is in stage #1. BlackRock’s ultra short-term bond ETF is not necessarily an investment for dividend growth or capital appreciation. But I think I should mention it here for one specific reason and that is that I use this ETF to park my cash in. For years, I was looking for a stock Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 20, 2023

Technical view: Realty Income, Inc. (O)

  O is in stage #4. Realty Income (O) is a dividend darling of many investors, and it has paid and increased dividends for more than 25 years. The company went public in 1995 and survived many downturns the biggest in 2000, 2009, and 2020. It increased the dividend during those periods of time. It Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 13, 2023

Technical view: Amazon, Inc. (AMZN)

  AMZN is in stage #2. The stock is recovering from last year’s carnage. In 2022 it almost reached lows from 2020 Covid lows. It was a great buying opportunity. But for the entire 2023 it was rallying and erasing the losses. If you were bold enough to buy when everyone else was panicking, you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 06, 2023

Technical view: Aflac Incorporated (AFL)

  AFL is in stage #2. The stock performed very well during the bear market. We had a decline but it recovered very nice and it wasn’t as deep as what we saw in 2020. Today, the stock is also pulling back from a strong rally which may provide a good opportunity.