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Posted by Martin February 19, 2018

The amount of ignorance is saddening

Today, the stock market was closed for observance of the President Day. Boy, I wish I could have those holidays and be at home doing nothing the same as bankers, government, and schools. But I still have to work as my trading account is not yet providing enough income to live off of it. Besides Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 13, 2015

$SPX selling another rally attempt today!

$SPX more and more the market tries new highs it is sold off – distribution phase. Big boys selling off to retails. Bearish

Posted by Martin June 19, 2013

Supper quicky note #9

So, a few months or weeks ago, FED chairman Ben Bernanke said that they may possibly start tapering the stimulus and stocks tanked (mREITs and real estate especially). Today, FED said that although the job and the US economy outlook risks eased, they will continue spending $85 B monthly buying bonds, and stocks are tanking Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 09, 2013

Supper quicky note #8

Yesterday I was quite disappointed with the market and my account results. I made MONEY! I made a good chunk of money yesterday. So why I am disappointed? Because the market was running up again, extending its over bought status and creating a bubble once again. Maybe not that big bubble we saw a few Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 01, 2013

Supper quicky note #7

The beginning of May started with a sell off in the markets. The talking heads are placing their bets whether this is a beginning of a long anticipated correction or whether the buyers step in and start buying tomorrow. Well, the after market and futures are pointing to rising markets tomorrow. But that can change. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 30, 2013

Supper quicky note #6

Again, the market ran up yesterday in amazing session. It added to its overbought state and today we are correcting from yesterday’s run. Well, it doesn’t mean that this is the beginning of a bigger drop, but it may become one. The market stalled at its crucial top marked on April 11, 2013 and now Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 25, 2013

Supper quicky note #5

Safeway Inc. FCF 197 mm better than last year due to lower expeditures.     Another stock suffering a big sell off today was Safeway. It dropped almost 20% during this trading session after reporting its quarterly report. Although the report missed the expectation, as a dividend investor, would you care about a quarter miss? Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 23, 2013

Supper quicky note #4

A great article by Tim Iacono, a founder of the investment website ‘Iacono Research‘, providing market commentary and investment advisory services specializing in natural resources, was published recently in Seeking Alpha in regards to Gold. Those who bought their GLD shares last fall are selling at steep losses. This appears to be a classic case Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 23, 2013

Supper quicky note #3

(JNJ) – a few minutes later, look what is going on with Johnson & Johnson company on a daily chart. Is it just an error in my charting software or did we just saw a minicrash? Check the chart of JNJ Click to enlarge What do you think? Could you see a similar drop in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 23, 2013

Supper quicky note #2

(JNJ) – is Johnson and Johnson heading into a parabolic run up to crash later? Although JNJ is excellent company with a wide moat and a great dividend payer, the recent trend is too close and similar to a parabolic uptrend. Trend like this always ends up with a crash. I would be however happy Continue reading →