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Posted by Martin April 13, 2015

$SPX selling another rally attempt today!

$SPX more and more the market tries new highs it is sold off – distribution phase. Big boys selling off to retails. Bearish

Posted by Martin February 08, 2015

What to expect from SPX next week?

I am not trying to predict where the market would go next week. I simply do not know it and I am as clueless as everyone else. Will the market shoot up next week or will it fail and fall again? If I cannot predict the market, I would like to at least establish a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 01, 2015

Futures indicate very weak opening tomorrow morning

If you are already frustrated by two weak months we just passed (December 2014 and January 2015) it looks like we are going to see February 2015 as bad as January was. Futures are already trading at a steep discount indicating S&P 500 down -1.45% -29.35. If this drop continues until tomorrow morning, we may Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 29, 2011

Where is the market going? A bounce or a new trend?

Today morning I opened SPY calls position thinking the market is going for something big, maybe a reversal and better performance. When you check MACD, you can see a divergence of the current trend and the indicator. That may be a sign that this downtrend is weakening. And that was my initial reason for going Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 24, 2011

SPX up again! Is it a buy opportunity?

SPX up again! Is it a buy opportunity?

Many investors may be celebrating and cheering up the market’s performance these days. The economic data are good looking, Eurozone is close to a debt solution, the market is rising, all is good! Buy, buy, buy… You may be hearing that or something similar today. But is everything really that bright as it looks? Check Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 27, 2011

The market continues up on hopes and wishfull thinking

Investors are tired, exhausted and frustrated seeing the market tanking for this long time without any bright light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore they are literally buying any news and today is a great example of them trying to convince themselves that we are out of the forest and we will be growing Continue reading →