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Posted by Martin January 05, 2016

Atlanta FED voted for rate hike but lowered GDP forecast again!

Data (in)dependent Janet Yellen and her FED cronies decided to raise rates to show us their good faith in the US economy. By raising the rates FED was “signaling their faith” pointing to “improvement of the labor market” but completely ignoring all economic data indicating that the US economy is in reality slowing down and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 18, 2013

Market outlook, trend still unchanged

Market slid again today and the “we-know-the-future” experts out there are competing among themselves who comes up with the best reason why. All of them are united however that the reason is a fear of the US economy slowing down after weak earnings reports. I believe if you go out there and ask any average Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 25, 2012

Where is the market heading? Still in correction.

Where is the market heading? Still in correction.

Recently I have read an article on internet by a dividend investor who claimed that he doesn’t care what the market is doing as long as his dividend income is intact or improving. Basically this is a valid statement to me and I believe many dividend growth investors are not that much concerned about the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 28, 2012

Sell the rip, buy the dip – gold ETF (GLD)

In my portfolio I wish to have some exposure to gold (GLD). I read several articles in the past about buying gold and reasons behind it and when you are watching what the US government is doing to our currency, you definitely get an itching for gold. Bernanke’s moves and the entire FED devastating policy Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 23, 2012

Market shake out or in trouble?

Market shake out or in trouble?

Today the market got beaten down by worse than expected earnings reports. This can be a temporary over reaction as we experienced many times during previous seasons or it can be a significant game changer turning the markets back to south. Which way the markets will go? It depends on many factors. Let’s take a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2011

Wacky Trading today

SPX opened lower on worries over the Europe (like we haven’t heard about it previously), then technicals got in, mainly Oracle’s bad results and pushed the market (SPX) all the way down to 1230. That looked scary! At least for me since two days ago I reversed my bearish outlook into bullish and I started Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 20, 2011

Is Santa Claus Rally undergo?

As I wrote yesterday, we could break down thru the support or bounce back. The market was oversold and there were no significant negative news to push it lower, however because of Europe, there still was a risk of going lower. It seems like we are bouncing instead. The SPX surged 2% up at opening Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 19, 2011

Today’s trading

Today's trading

The trading was a bit quiet today, however the market tanked due to banks. I also think it was partially due to European crisis as well. Recently in Germany a poll was taken and it revealed that more than 50% Germans wish to go back to Deutsche Mark rather than staying with Euro. More and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 12, 2011

Even the EU leaders admitted they were surprised of the rally

Yesterday I have read an article in The Guardian that even the EU leaders were surprised of the Friday rally: “We were quite surprised that the markets reacted as well as they did on Friday,” EU officials said on Sunday. “We thought they would really tank and there’s still this legal uncertainty hanging over the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 09, 2011

Europa: once again an important “nothing” came out

Here we go again. How many times have we heard the same proclamations out of the European leaders summits? Investors are hoping for leaders to give them a solution and they take every word those politicians say very seriously and – overreact. So what we have heard so far? Nothing actually. Every day we hear Continue reading →