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Posted by Martin June 10, 2024

Repositioning our portfolio

I spent the first half of 2024 repositioning our portfolio to align with our goals. I took some trades off, some are “parked to a later day” when I will deal with them (for example, I converted some of the bad SPX trades into a “box” and now I keep rolling it away). When I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 02, 2024

Is the weakness in the stock market over?

I had a bullish trade when I bought futures contract late in April 2024 and then I was trailing my stop higher. I thought this could continue longer but then I was stopped out. I was thinking: did I place my stop loss (in fact it was a stop gain loss) order too close the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 27, 2024

Futures trading – Waiting for a breakout

At the end or April, I entered into futures trading. Not just trading options against futures but also buying and selling futures contracts. It turned out to be a very profitable trade and I plan on trading it again. The only issue with this type of trading is that it is very capital intensive. Unlike Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 22, 2024

The SPX Crumbs Strategy Is Working!

I started trading an SPX Crumbs Strategy and developing it into other instruments such as individual stocks and futures. And it is working. I still deal with the old SPX trades that got me into trouble, but I am slowly eliminating them. It will take time, but I am confident. In the meantime, I trade Continue reading →