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Posted by Martin February 01, 2023

Technical view: Icahn Enterprises L.P. (IEP)

  IEP is in stage #2. The stock started declining as is typical but then reversed, possibly on the news that Carl Icahn reached the deal with Crown Holdings to add the activist investor’s members to the Crown’s board. The weekly chart shows a sideways pattern.     The company’s revenue is erratic but improving Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 25, 2023

Technical view: Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

  OXY is in stage #3. It bounced off its support at $62 a share and now going higher. It is also sitting at the 50-day MA support (on the daily and weekly chart). It may continue going higher until $73 level again.       Based on the valuation of the company trading significantly Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 18, 2023

Technical view: Ford Motor Company (F)

  F is in stage #4. The stock reached the previous lows at around $10.94 and picked up from there. Although it managed to rally to 200-day MA, it is still in a downtrend. With the current negative trend in the auto industry and low customer demand, the stock will probably go lower again. The Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 11, 2023

Technical view: BABA (BABA)

  BABA is now in stage #2. China reopening its economy after a draconical Covid shutdown is helping Chinese stocks. The CCP also reversed or at least is trying to, their policy on the economy and private businesses. They agreed to allow for account audits by the US PCAOB which literally averted the risk of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2022

Technical view: Meta Platforms Inc. (META)

  Meta (FB) is in stage #4. Are we seeing the end of Meta’s year-long decline? It is still in stage #4 but definitely improving. If this trend continues and it starts morphing back into stage #1 or even resumes stage #2, that would be a feast and a great opportunity to buy. You don’t Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 14, 2022

Technical view: AES Corp. (AES)

  AES is in stage #2. The stock continues trading near its all-time highs and starts forming a top. If the economy hits a recession, then bonds may perform better, and investors will most likely buy bonds rather than utilities. Thus, I am expecting (if that happens) that AES may drop. At the current price, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 07, 2022

Technical view: Snowflake (SNOW)

  SNOW is in stage #4. The company had stellar earnings that helped to stop the downward trend but not enough to reverse it. It is still in a declining trend but attempting to break above the 50-day MA. The weekly chart indicates a possible double-bottom process as well. Given the great business model the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2022

Technical view: Tesla (TSLA)

  TSLA is in stage #4 of the trend. It broke lower again although it bounced, and it is now attempting to go higher. However, even with this bounce, there is no trend changer at all. The stock is clearly in a full bearish trend. The weekly chart shows it in a better and straight Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 23, 2022

Technical view: ARK Innovation (ARKK)

  ARKK is in stage #4. A week ago, the stock saw a great rebound when ARKK jumped from $32 lows to $40. But that bump didn’t last long. Last week, the stock reversed again and dropped erasing half of the previous week’s gains. The weekly chart provides some hope that the stock may still Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 16, 2022

Technical view: Apple (APPL)

  AAPL morphed into stage #1. After it reported stellar earnings, it continued its #2 rally, but Jay Powell killed it with his inflation speech. The stock crashed in three days. But the more this stock goes lower as people panic, the more I want to buy it. People keep saying that this was the Continue reading →