Posted by Martin September 23, 2020

The market keeps struggling, but it’s good folks!

The market keeps struggling, but it's good folks!

The market struggles to find the ground. A few bounce attempts failed. We are currently down -1.56% and it seems we are heading towards 200 DMA.     But this is ultimately a good thing, providing this market with a much needed correction. We rallied up hard with no break or pullbacks and we need Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 21, 2020

Selling covered calls below cost basis

This post is about my view on selling covered calls below the cost basis of your stock (stock purchase price) when overwriting your portfolio. Is it a problem or a betterment to your portfolio? Other implications, such as taxes.   I have seen investors expressing their concerns when the markets dropped earlier this year and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 05, 2020

Stocks to accumulate in September 2020

In my portfolio watch list, only a handful of stocks are good to buy in this overvalued market. The list is not yet complete, but I have time to fill in other stocks later on. Most of the stocks are dividend aristocrats. Some lost the status many years ago yet I decided to keep them, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 05, 2020

Problems with valuations, again.

Account Net-Liq: $7,477.66 SPX value: 3,426.96 Shiller PE: 31.47   In my older post I wrote about the market high valuations and how you can mitigate the problem with valuation. You hear (and read) people complaining that valuations are high and there is nothing to invest in. It is not true. And people who say Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 04, 2020

6.6% correction, is this the end or not?

Account Net-Liq: $7,143.75 SPX value: 3,444.02 Shiller PE: 31.58   Is this the end of the correction? Or just a bounce before we go back lower? If you look at today’s price action, the swing is spectacular. We have seen it in 2018 happening when the market crashed more than 2% and then ended where Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 03, 2020

The market crashed 4.5% today, finally!

Account Net-Liq: $7,202.95 SPX value: 3,455.06 Shiller PE: 31.73   The market rallied and reached a 3,588.11 level. All new ATH! Outstanding rally! Unfortunately, that rally was totally unhealthy and pushed up by tech companies only. Many of my positions in all portfolios went pretty much nowhere, the only SPY was relentlessly running up and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 26, 2020

Where to store cash for a while?

Account Net-Liq: $7,437.20 SPX value: 3,479.73 Shiller PE: 32.01   I was looking for opportunities where I can store my cash in my trading account in lieu of leaving it in the account, sitting there and doing nothing. I also didn’t want to withdraw them and save it in a savings account. That would work Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 15, 2020

Monthly or quarterly dividend stocks? Which is better?

Account Net-Liq: $7,676.23 SPX value: 3,372.85 Shiller PE: 31.20   I wondered all the time whether it is better to own monthly or quarterly dividend-paying stocks. The narrative goes, that with monthly paying stocks, your dividend compounding will go faster and you get better results over time.   Well, the truth is, it doesn’t matter. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 12, 2020

Stock market expectations

Account Net-Liq: $7,735.95 SPX value: 3,380.35 Shiller PE: 31.27     This is an entry I wrote into my Trading Journal yesterday about the market behavior:   Are we going to see a correction? Account Net-Liq: $7,815.02 SPX value: 3,333.69 Shiller PE: 30.83   After a relentless rally, the markets suddenly sold off at the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 03, 2020

Markets keep going higher, again

Account Net-Liq: $6,801.82 SPX value: 3,294.61 Shiller PE: 30.70     The problem of all bears out there predicting the second crash is that it is their wishful thinking and prayers. They again look at metrics such as PE, or other valuations and completely ignore FED and that those metrics do not work when FED Continue reading →