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Accused of being a scam and fraud

I started this blog in 2008. I posted about my investing and trading journey. I post my trades, opinions, views, analysis, and results. Yet, I am still being accused of being a scam and fraud. I posted my recent Crumbs strategy, trading SPX (and stocks), and showed that this strategy was finally winning. Immediately, people accused me of being a scam. Why is that? Is it because showing that almost 95% of my trades were winners is not real? Too good to be true? Because others fail, so must I.


I was not always a winner


If you follow my blog and my social media (and I admit that last year or more, I got tired of Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, so I stopped being there; I still do post my trades, but not as often as I used to), you find out that I was not always a winner. I had many losing trades, and I still have losing trades. Many of them are still in my account, and I drag them around, adjusting them and waiting for a better opportunity to get rid of them. And I was always open about it and posted my losses. I also hate losses and try to generate income that offsets them (that is also why I drag them around to generate enough positive income to get rid of them without my account getting a hit.

scam and fraud


New strategy


It took me many painful years to learn to trade. May trials and errors. Many frustrating days and nights. I found a strategy, learned about it, and implemented it. For some time, it worked well, but then I got hit. I looked for new ways to tweak the strategy, and when I thought I found a solution, I again implemented it. And after some time, I got hit again.

Now, I came across the Crumbs strategy. It is working well. Out of 66 trades since September 2023, I only had four losing trades. Sixty-two trades were winners. My monthly income increased from $233 to $890 (as of today). I now trade in a manner that I do not have to worry about the trade and be more confident that it expires worthless for a total profit. Yes, there will be losing trades, but I want to minimize them as much as possible.

The screen below shows the results of the new strategy since I started trading it at the end of September 2023. It shows a significant improvement in PnL of the account. Though I still have old bad trades that will impact the account but I expect this to improve over time too.

scam and fraud


Why am I selling subscriptions if I am so “successful”?


Well, I want subscribers and to share my trades with people willing to follow the trades and learn. The fee I charge is symbolic. Only $15 a month. Most likely, just one trade you copy from me will pay for the monthly subscription. Just look at the trade journal from September. Just one trade would cover that subscription.

One trade, scam and fraud?

But my interest is building up a community of people interested in learning, bypassing my mistakes. People who would be asking questions about trading. Traders who want to succeed. I am not selling anything, not my signals, no courses. If I were like others, I would charge thousands of dollars for classes and hundreds of dollars in monthly subscriptions. Others charge $49.95 – $125 per month and a one-time fee of $4,000+ to sell you something.

And interestingly enough, people buy these overpriced courses without asking any questions. Still, in my case, they say I am a fraud. What an irony!


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