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12 Tips to Help Turn Your Company into an International Business

Turning to the international market is a great way to ramp up your company’s sales, but it does require a bit of hard work. While the Internet has made selling to people in other countries easier, a website alone won’t turn your company into a worldwide success. Use these tips to expand your company across the globe.


 · Test Markets with Other Marketplaces


An easy way to test how well your product might do in other countries is to list it for sale through other companies that already have an international presence. For instance, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and Alibaba are all well-known around the world. With your products selling on these sites, you can start to identify which countries might have the best markets for your particular product.


 · Research Other Countries


When you’ve identified a few potential markets, it’s time to do some research. Note whether the other countries have packaging laws that differ from England’s. Does your product contain ingredients that are banned in other countries? Are there similar products within that country or is your product unique? Knowing these details ensures that you don’t get yourself into legal hot water.


 · Develop an International Business Plan


Business plans are essential for the success of any company. When you’re ready to go international, you need to modify your business plan to include this information. Having a solid plan can help you stay on track.


 · Use a Payment Processor Designed for International Use


Dealing with payments in other currencies can be troublesome. Choose a payment processor that makes this easy for you, such as SEPA from Access Pay which helps those who are selling throughout Europe.


 · Professionally Translate Your Website Content


While many people throughout the world speak English, a good business owner recognises that you can reach more people with translation. Google might be able to automatically translate your site, but if you’ve ever tried to translate a non-English site into English, you know how machine-based translation can backfire. Hire professional translators to get the job done.


 · Localise Your Marketing


People in other countries don’t have the same needs as those in England. When translating your website and other marketing materials, change the message to better reflect the needs of the people in that area. Directing the right message to the right people is essential for success.


 · Speak the Language


Aside from the website, you’ll need to have staff that can speak other languages in order to deal with customer service issues from other countries. Initially, you might be able to get by with on-call workers, but eventually you’ll want full-time staff.


 · Network in Other Countries


Attend international networking events to meet business owners from other countries. These people can offer valuable insight into the market and may even want to collaborate with your business.


 · Adjust Your Prices


Set your prices in different currencies. If you have your website automatically change currencies based on the viewer’s location, you can end up with awkward and fluctuating pricing structures. A person who’s considering a purchase might be frustrated by an increased price the day after doing his research, even if it’s only a slight increase.


 · Plan for Shipping


Research options for shipping internationally. You need to factor the additional costs into the pricing. Once you start making more sales, you may be able to negotiate better pricing with the shipping company. If your product takes off, you may choose to have warehouses in other countries for easier shipping.


 · Set Up an International Sales Team


As your product becomes more popular in other countries, you may want staff based out of those countries. Even if these people work from your office in England, it’s a good idea to have a team that’s dedicated to the international side of your business.


 · Get Advice from Experienced Business Owners


It’s normal to feel out of your league when you’re expanding internationally. Get the help you need by speaking with others who are more knowledgeable than you. Look for a business mentor or get advice from the Business Support Hotline.

Many business owners dream of selling their products to people throughout the world, and it’s never been easier to accomplish this goal. However, the best way to find success it through proper planning.

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