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Posted by Martin July 21, 2011

How to avoid default notes when investing with Lending Club?

Investing with Lending Club is my another investment vehicle. With Lending club you can become a bank and lend your money to another borrower and you can gain quite a nice interest by doing so. Even though Lending Club screens every applicant (and they deny circa 90% of all submitted applications) time to time you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 21, 2011

Trade 07/21/2011

Trade 07/21/2011

Well, I must admit that I was probably wrong in judging the market direction. I didn’t expect today’s move I rather saw the market bouncing around the same level or slipping down. However Greece issue (not sure how efficient the bailout will be) along with good earnings helped to move the market back up. That Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 20, 2011

Trade 07/20/2011

Today, based on the market’s movement, I am even more convinced that this market is poised for decline. It may not happen, however, but at this point I think it will. It still may be bouncing a bit at the resistance level, or even go up a bit, but that will provide better position to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 19, 2011

Trade 07/19/2011

I expected the earnings season and mainly this week (this week is very important to determine if the market gets a new impulse to reverse and continue upwards or further deteriorate) will bounce the market up. It happened and the market (SPY) rallied today and closed at 132.73 (which is at the intermediate resistance level). Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 19, 2011

Trade 07/15/2011

Today I have bought 1 August 17 SPY put 131 strike contract expecting the market to decline further down since it broke through 50 day SMA on high volume. I am expecting the market to go further down to the second resistance at 130 points. The market is in sideways overall, but potentially creating a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 13, 2011

Indecisive market and today’s disaster

Indecisive market and today's disaster

Will you believe me if I claim that today’s market trend was a disaster? Well, if not take a look at the daily chart. In the morning we gapped up and everything looked bright, but we ended down. Extensively down, compared to the morning’s start. Two days ago I tried to explain, why I was Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 11, 2011

Market update – Bear correction or new bull?

Market update - Bear correction or new bull?

Today, the market reacted as I expected. After a strong run up in a very short period of time it was imminent that the market will correct. Being bullish near the first resistance or shortly above 50 day SMA was very dangerous. I myself was originally expecting the market bounce back down off of the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 07, 2011

Stock market overextended

Stock market overextended

Today the market was yet another surprise. S&P 500 gapped up and basically broke through the major resistance level. All happened because of job claims data. When I reviewed them I didn’t consider them that amazing. Apparently good enough to bring another wave of enthusiasm to the market. But the volume was once again quite Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 06, 2011

Where is the market heading now? Down?

Where is the market heading now? Down?

That’s a million dollar question investors are probably asking now. I am asking as well. The truth is that last week move upward was impressive. They say, it was the best 5 day move since 1928 (I think). But was this move a bullish reversal or is this a bearish correction? I think, now is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 29, 2011

Rally attempt – short lived?

Once again the market rallied as I expected. It came out of the choppiness few days ago and rallying higher. I think it is partially due to the end of the quarter and mutual funds want to improve their results. As I mentioned in my previous post, we may expect the market to rally up Continue reading →