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Archive for March 27th, 2019

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

You will never please everyone… not at Wall Street

I borrowed this from Chris’s twitter: You often hear “when the Fed is raising rates, it is bad for stocks”, [it is bearish]. Now with the possibility of future rate cuts, we hear “you do not want to be long stocks when the Fed starts cutting rates,” [it is bearish].   You often hear "when Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

Topping pattern?

The market was doing well in the morning but at about 10 am MT it went into a spiraling selloff. After the fact, the media told us why. Great to know, now I can sleep better. But later on the market started recovering the loss. The market lost -1.34% intraday. It recovered a bit and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

Global growth worries are back, OMG, everybody panic!

Market now down 30 points (-0.95%). Same old song. Media tell us that it was because of global growth worries. But that has been known issue for about a year now. What we are seeing in my opinion is a simple consolidation process. We rallied hard from December 2018 lows. Impressive rally! But there was Continue reading →