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Archive for October 1st, 2022

Posted by Martin October 01, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 38-39

I didn’t have much time to report a trading a week ago as I was traveling. Fortunately, I could manage the trades. When preparing today’s report on our SPX trading, I was surprised to see that I had made money. We delivered enough credit to eventually offset other trades. We will be working on that Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 01, 2022

September 2022 $100 Challenge account review

The stock market is still in crash mode. For the entire of September, the market lost significantly, and our strategy was losing too. But I am not concerned. We are sitting tight and investing in stocks that will deliver nice dividends while waiting for recovery. This strategy is designed for a small account and today’s Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 01, 2022

HFEA September 2022 strategy report

The stock market is tanking, which takes a toll on our strategy. We are down again. But this time, the strategy only lost the previous gains, and we are on par with the stock market. I will keep adding to the position as the market goes lower. When we recover, the SPXL will recover faster, Continue reading →