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Archive for February, 2023

Posted by Martin February 28, 2023

Stocks additions to the watchlist (JXN, CVS)

Our strategy is to be accumulating assets and then monetize those positions by selling options around them. We are constantly looking for good quality stocks that pay dividends (but also growth stocks), have decent dividends that are safe and growing, and can be optionable. And that is why we are adding two new stocks to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 28, 2023


  We received the durable goods report before the bell and it didn’t look good. The market popped initially on the bad (good) news but during the day we lost steam and gave away most of the gains.     The market is still sitting on the major supports but the odds are to the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 24, 2023


  Today, we were supposed to crash and not recover. We crashed. And we recovered. That shows how resilient this market is. At first, the early gains turned red and all hope for a good green day was lost. But then, the supply of sellers dried up, buyers stepped in and we reversed the course Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 23, 2023


  The markets were volatile after the FOMC meeting minutes. And that volatility will probably continue as investors are scared. They propelled worthless tech stocks up during the 2020 and 2021 frenzy and now they are scared to hold these stocks and dumping them en masse. And along with those, they dump good quality stocks Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 22, 2023


  We got hit in multiple directions today. First, the foray of economic data came in and they were so good that investors started, once again, freakin gout that this may force the FED to keep the rates higher for longer (good news is bad news). Then, we received reports from Walmart and Target. They Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 22, 2023

Technical view: PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL)

  PayPal PYPL is still in stage #4. It was morphing into stage #1 but failed and resumed its downtrend. It is trading below its 2025 fair value providing an opportunity for 8% annualized growth at the current price. The price action speaks for a probability of a further decline so if you are interested Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 21, 2023


  Today was President’s Day and the markets were closed. So the price action was muted. The markets were slightly down and indicative of no direction:     The daily Ichimoku chart still continues to look weak, but we still hold the support at $4,000:     The weekly Ichimoku looks worse. We need a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 19, 2023

META privacy abuse for $11.99 a month

META just announced that they will roll in a new feature “Meta Verified”, which will let users verify their accounts using a government ID and get a blue badge. So, let me think about it. META, known for horrible and unscrupulous privacy abuse, will now get their hands on my government-issued ID and I will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 19, 2023

Are Treasury Bills Really Risk-Free?

Recently, as the interest rates were growing, Treasuries started paying great interest. They reached 5% recently. And media are now telling us that this is a big threat to the stocks as Treasuries now offer a “virtually risk-free” earnings yield comparable to S&P 500. and if you can get 5% risk-free interest, why would you Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 17, 2023


  So the PPI index came out hotter than expected so the market did what the forecasting said it would and I was wrong. So investors crapped their pants again on renewed fears and we sold off. But it was a rocky intraday. We sold off in the morning but then went on a recovery Continue reading →