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Archive for April, 2023

Posted by Martin April 30, 2023

Why bears will get hammered even more

Market bears are bearish as never before. It is stunning. But unfortunately, they are on the wrong side of the market. Their asses will get kicked badly as we are recovering from a recession. I say “recovering” because we were in a recession already. But the bears failed to recognize it, and they expect it Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 27, 2023

Bears are getting their asses kicked, and it will get worse for them

Amazon (AMZN) reported earnings, and the stock soared more than 7% AH. That will obliterate the bears more as the stock will spur upward pressure in tomorrow’s open market. The GDP report and economy indicate that there will be no recession. Some market analysts, like Ed Yardeni, even think that we actually already had a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 27, 2023

Crocs (CROX) reported earnings, beat, but dropped more than 17%

CROX beat the estimates but provided weak outlook for the next quarter. Morons rushed to sell everything, including their house, wives, kids, dogs, and CROX. The stock dropped over 17% (as of now), and it was down more than 21% this morning. It amazes me how stupid the market is (or market participants). A CEO Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 25, 2023

Morons dumping and chasing the market

The longer I am in the markets the more disgusted about the stupidity of the morons trading and investing out there I am. Recently, the markets were weak and it seems they are rolling over, but the overall narrative from the media was that “investors were selling awaiting big tech earnings.” Or similar nonsensical crap. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 23, 2023

The bull market is still intact

The bull market that started on October 2022 is still intact. It may change, but it hasn’t changed yet. The bond market still continues to show a bullish setup and so far, it is wrong to be on the bearish side. A soft landing is still a strong possibility. The investors are still extremely bearish. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 19, 2023

Technical view: Jackson Financial Inc. (JXN)

  JXN is in stage #2. The stock bounced at 200-day MA support. The recovery from the recent “banking crisis” selloff continues. The price is “hugging” the 200-day MA and the upward-moving trend line. At the current level, the stock is extremely undervalued, but it may take several years before we see the stock reach Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 18, 2023

Technical view: Nuvei Corporation (NVEI)

  NVEI is in stage #2. NVEI is my new addition to the portfolio. I was resisting investing in fintech companies as I couldn’t find any diversified enough to give me the comfort of not investing in companies exposed to cryptocurrency only. It is a purely speculative trade. I plan on holding this and selling Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 15, 2023

Soft landing or recession?

Here we go again. Retail investors and even some bigger players are again afraid of inflation, recession, and ghosts. Media are digging out bears and recycling their stories and narratives, such as Mike Wilson from Morgan Stanley, who has been notoriously predicting a 50% (now only 20%) crash since 2009. Yes, he was right in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 12, 2023

Technical view: Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

  MPW is in stage #4. The company recently started fighting back against one of the biggest short sellers. That caused the stock to bounce two weeks ago. But the company still faces strong headwinds as the interest rates rise fast and hospital owners are weak. It is ironic that MPW is one of the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 08, 2023

Technical view: Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN)

  MAIN is morphing back to stage #2. The stock seems to be performing well and offers a good buying opportunity. It pays dividends monthly. However, fundamentally, the stock seems to be providing grim data which may have an impact on the stock growth. MAIN was offering great dividends and small growth matching the index Continue reading →