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Archive for December, 2023

Posted by Martin December 31, 2023

Contest #5 Announcement: Guess the S&P 500 Friday Close Challenge!

Last week, we didn’t get the minimum voters to have the contest valid. We only need 5 people to validate this contest and have a true competition with one winner of cash. Interestingly, according to stats, the last contest was visited by 254 people but only two voted. Does no one want free money anymore? Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 28, 2023

Is Wall Street Optimistic about the markets?

Based on the recent financial media coverage, the current Wall Street market sentiment appears cautiously optimistic, with several key indicators shaping this outlook. As the optimism improves we may expect the market rallying more. We even see bears slowly abandoning their stance and joining the rally. That trend may continue well into 2024. However, as Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 27, 2023

Oh those emotions!

Human emotions are the biggest enemy of any trader. I fight emotions all the time. Actually, in fact, the emotions fight me. And I suffer. Just today, I had a panic attack when watching the market. And it was utterly unreasonable and stupid.   What Happened?   I had two trades on. One was set Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 26, 2023

Investors Who Predicted… or Just Rolled a Lucky Dice? A Hilarious Take on Media’s Crystal Ball Circus

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the greatest show on Earth – the never-ending parade of “Investors Who Predicted…” headlines! It’s like a circus where the media plays the role of the ringmaster, and investors are the clowns trying to fit into the world’s tiniest car. Get ready for a laugh riot as we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


Posted by Martin December 24, 2023

Contest #4 Announcement: Guess the S&P 500 Friday Close Challenge!

We didn’t have enough contestants for this contest this week. Only two people participated and we need at least 5 participants. So, this contest is invalidated. Hopefully, we will get more people next week. Last week, we finally got enough people to join our contest. And we had a winner! The winner from last week’s Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 23, 2023

The Electric Vehicle Market in 2024: What to Expect

As we look towards 2024, the electric vehicle (EV) market is poised for continued growth and evolution. Here’s an overview of what we can anticipate for the upcoming year:   Continued Electric Vehicle Global Market Growth   The global EV market, which has been showing impressive growth in recent years, is expected to maintain its Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2023

Unlocking Financial Freedom: The Power and Perks of Dividend Investing

If you’re a savvy investor who values a steady stream of income and long-term financial stability, welcome to the world of dividend investing! Despite occasional skepticism, let’s delve into the numerous positives that come with embracing dividends as a core investment strategy.     The Magic of Dividends and Stock Prices   Contrary to naysayers, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 20, 2023

S&P 500 sharply down today

The market fell hard on Wednesday afternoon, S&P 500 was down -1.47%. It was a sudden reversal after weeks long rally. However, there was no catalyst for the selling besides what was stated before:   Profit taking – given that everything, all stocks I have in my watchlist as well as holdings were red except Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 20, 2023

Why S&P 500 suddenly dropped today?

The recent drop in the stock market represented by S&P 500 index can be attributed to several factors:   Profit Booking:   Investors have been cashing in on their gains after a period of significant market growth. This move to secure profits has led to a sell-off, contributing to the market decline. This could be Continue reading →