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Added an Economic Calendar to Avoid the FED

This and next week we will be overwhelmed by a ton of economic news such as inflation data, CPI, manufacturing data, employment news, and so on. On top of that we will have J. Powell and other FED officials telling us what we already know and typically, the market will act erratic and investors will be crazy again.

Two weeks ago (or three?) I ignored this frenzy and opened new trades on Monday just to sweat my crack watching those trades killing my margin requirements when the market went up (great, I was making money), just to follow by a sharp turn down within the same hour (and I started shitting bricks glued to the monitor).

Fortunately, the trades were safe and expired worthless for the full profit. But it was close. I promised myself not to make the same mistake again and wait for this craziness to settle before opening the trades.

The problem is that these waves of economic news that can shake the markets are coming often. It feels like they are published every week (or day). There will always be something to worry about and people will always freak about everything and anything.

But I want to wait after the news to open new trades. The news we will get tomorrow and on Wednesday should set the trend for the next few days and the next week. So, after the news we should have a good idea where the markets may be headed.

It is difficult to predict where the inflation will be, everyone I follow expects the inflation to settle (Tom Lee or Wolters Kluwer), and if so, expect the markets to skyrocket. But in the meantime, it can be shaky.

And for this I added a calendar to my blog to quickly assess when these events may happen to avoid trading during those moments, especially when we had a futures options trade expired today and I plan on renewing the trade. Three weeks ago I would reopen the trade today and then pray for the market gods to keep me safe. Today, I would rather wait for the storm to pass.

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