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Archive for March 3rd, 2024

Posted by Martin March 03, 2024

Contest #14: Guess the S&P 500 Friday Close And Win Cash!

Unfortunately, last week we didn’t have enough votes, again. It looks like, visitors of this website do not want free cash. However, we are opening a new contest for the coming week. Remember, we need at least 5 people to vote. The winner wins free cash!   Contest voting is from Sunday March 3rd – Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 03, 2024

Markets racing higher increasing downside risk

The market spiked even higher last week despite Wall Street not very happy about inflation data and CPI report. But it was shrugged our quickly and it rallied like there was no end. This hower increase the downside risk. Being more bullish in this environment is becoming increasingly risky. The investors are feeling their FOMO Continue reading →