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Our Team

As this blog is slowly growing I decided to team with new authors, commentators, and analysts. I am glad that this blog is becoming a multi-author web blog and we can offer other views and perspective on investing, saving, trading, and personal finance.


 · I am happy to introduce our team:


I am a mechanical engineer by profession and options trader and dividend investor. For an unexplainable reason I like to write about trading, investing, or my opinions about the stock market. I have been investing and trading since 2006, but I really started options trading seriously in 2012. I like to help other traders to start investing and trading and my posts are meant to do that.


 · Do you want to write for this blog?


We are currently looking for authors who would like to write for this post. We are looking for the following contributors:

Guest post – occassional guest post with approx. 2 links to your own website. The post shall be related to the niche of this blog and shall not contain advertising and links to the third party blogs or websites. Links are allowed only as a citation of used resources. You can submit your guest post here (Submit in word document).


8 responses to “Our Team”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Martin
    You are sane voice in the options world. Not many people understand
    nor teach how simply options can be. I trade very similar to you
    with a few different goals. But you are right on.

    I also traded and still trade spreads ,but I use SPY weekly
    spreads, low deltas …. 100 contracts at .02-.03 cent premiums.

    Div. Stocks are a great angle. Do you like to take assigment prior to
    Div. payment, hold the stock, the sell covered calls untill you hit your
    exit price?

    Keep it up

    • Martin says:

      Hi Chris,
      I usually look at assignment as the last resort. So if I can fix the trade, I fix it. If I get assigned early, then be it. I time to time do the dividend capture trade when I sell slightly ITM puts to get assigned to the stock before ex-dividend date, go thru the ex-date, and sell the calls to get rid of the stock. In fact as of this writing I wanted to do this trade against STX but the stock dropped so much today that I didn’t feel comfortable getting into a stock position and block my trading capital, so I canceled this trade.

      I do not trade SPX nor SPY right now as: first, they bit me hard in the past, second, they have a large margin requirements and my account is under-capitalized for them.

      Thanks for stopping by and kind words! Keep trading and be save!!

  2. Mai says:

    Are you willing to share your short list of dividend paying stocks against which you can write naked puts? Thanks.

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