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Capital One (COF) roll down and out

My original trade in COF is slowly turning against me. Today, COF dropped down by 2.36% and there is a higher chance that the selling may continue.

Although, the trade has 70% POP and 2 days to expiration I decided to move the trade out and down.

I am trying to spread my trades to have expiration every week and as of today, I have expiration on every Friday in November. My next “free” expiration is in December 8th so that is the expiration week I will try to roll this trade.

Here is the original trade link:


With this roll, I am lowering my current 89.50 put strike down to 87.50 put (which sits at the support) and move the trade into December 8th.

COF adjustment

COF adjustment 1

COF adjustment 2

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  1. ron says:

    good stuff keep me in the loop

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