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The market seems to ease the rally

Account Net-Liq: $4,976.45
SPX value: 3,276.02
Shiller PE: 30.53

The market seems to finally lose steam on its rally and today, it created an indecision candle and it even went red. True, when I write this entry, it is still too early in the morning and everything may change by the end of the day. I have rolled my SPX trade higher though to make sure the trade is centered on the market. I had to roll the put side higher too to bring in some cash so I hope we won’t crash or anything. We only have 9 days to expiration and I really hope I will be able to expire this trade.

I also opened a new trade against PINS (put butterfly) so hope it will work in my favor too.
IWM works in my favor so far. We have 2 days to expiration and the covered call seems to get expired worthless this Friday.
XLE trade is also showing a profit but not as strong as I would wish for. But, there is still plenty of time.

And as I suspected, the market didn’t ease anything at the end and rallied even higher than the days before. Very frustrating. If this continues, I will have to roll my SPX trade up again. But doing so, I will have to roll the put side up and I am afraid that it may backfire. I still have 9 days to go to expiration and in this crazy market, anything can happen.

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