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Citigroup to be dropped off of my portfolio

When I was looking at [tag]Citigroup[/tag] (C) as a potential [tag]buy[/tag], it was in the time when the [tag]price[/tag] was [tag]up-trending[/tag], creating new high highs and high lows and I considered this purchase a pure [tag]gambling[/tag]. I knew it and a was buying it with it in my mind. A pure [tag]speculation[/tag].


However, when I was buying (see the magenta arrow in the [tag]chart[/tag]), the [tag]stock[/tag] stopped creating the new high highs and high lows. I do not like what I can see on the chart. The stock is [tag]down-trending[/tag] or being in [tag]consolidation[/tag]. It has no [tag]momentum[/tag], which it had a few weeks ago.

I decided to drop this stock, but have it in my [tag]Watch list[/tag].

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