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Dividend Growth Stocks to Accumulate in August 2021

I am getting questions about our accounts and subscriptions. I understand, that it is becoming confusing a bit to distinguish among several plans and accounts I am reporting here. So I decided to work on a new website that will be dedicated to our paid subscription only and this blog will remain to report on our main trading account and general trading and investing information.

Before we will be able to separate our websites, we will continue reporting both accounts here.

What we are currently posting here about?

Two accounts, two strategies


We trade two accounts – our main business account and our challenge account. The challenge account is a paid subscription program designed for new investors who do not have much experience trading options and also have a limited amount of money available to invest and trade. Our goal is to show you step by step how you can start investing and trading options and grow your account from #100 to a lot larger amount (our goal is to reach $75,000). It is not a miraculous way to get rich overnight. Or taking risky trades against meme stocks. It is designed to grow your wealth and preserve it. We want to create small drops of water that will one day grow into a large ocean.

So, unless said otherwise on this blog, all posts are usually about our main business account trading (like this post for example). If we publish a post about our challenge account, we will say that specifically. Do not mix the two together. They have slightly different steps and strategies.


Dividend growth stocks to accumulate in August 2021


Every month we publish this list of stocks we want to accumulate in our main business portfolio. This list is meant to show stocks that we are currently interested in buying this month. It is not all our holdings! It is not our entire watch list either. It is a list of stocks we want to accumulate now and in the coming months. It is a goal list. Therefore we also indicate the progress of this goal and the percentage of the accumulation process. And again, this list is for our main business account, not the challenge account.

August 2021 dividend growth stocks

If you are interested in knowing how we select stocks to our watch list, you need to subscribe to our challenge account program where we will be explaining the process.

Do your own due diligence if you decide to invest in these stocks. The information here is believed to be accurate but may have changed since publishing.

We will hold these stocks forever. We will sell them only when they no longer meet our dividend investing criteria (for example the company cuts the dividend) or the stock significantly underperform and better opportunities present themselves. If these companies keep paying dividends and increasing them, we will hold.

We will also sell options around these positions to offset our cost basis. During selloffs and recoveries, we may also buy call options to capture the recovery. If you are interested to see what we are buying and what options we are selling/buying, subscribe to our program.

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