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6.6% correction, is this the end or not?

Account Net-Liq: $7,143.75
SPX value: 3,444.02
Shiller PE: 31.58

Is this the end of the correction? Or just a bounce before we go back lower? If you look at today’s price action, the swing is spectacular. We have seen it in 2018 happening when the market crashed more than 2% and then ended where it started recovering more than 2%. We even have seen times when the market crashed more than 2% and recovered more than 2%, and added some! All in one day.

I have been trading for some time (since 1996) but do not recall times with such violent swings in such a short period of time. But I am old and my memory is failing me, I guess. Nevertheless, a few days long declines were typically followed by a few days long recoveries. In the past. Today, we have a one day bum, and the next day it is all gone. Just look at today’s trading chart:

SPX corrections

Of course, the price may change before I finish writing this however, I do not expect it. We have seen a two days long correction of a 6.6% and it seems, it will be all gone today. We may not necessarily end in the green today, but next week everything will be forgotten.

SPX 6.6% correction

Yesterday, I was frustrated over this price action as it was ruining my SPX trade repair efforts and now it looks like, I will be back on track fixing my early mistakes. If we start rallying again next week, I may be back in trouble on the call side.

As a reminder, last few years, I tried to actively trade SPX options, zero DTE trades, Iron Condors and strangles. I ruined my accounts. I tried to push it. I tried to study how to trade these trades and be successful. I never made it. And, I am officially admitting, that I was wrong, and maybe not as gifted as others who trade these trades successfully. I may have been undercapitalized for these types of trades or not glued to the computer monitor long enough, or not able to adjust fast enough, or whatever I was doing wrong, I never figured out how to fix a bad trade without losing money. Today, I have a few bad trades I drag around. I keep rolling them to get them into expiration without large losses and use other trades to generate income to pay for these repairs. It works so far, but in a market like this, it can be very frustrating. And, when I am done with these repairs, I will not trade these trades anymore. I am going back to my original strategy from 1996 – 2014 which worked but it was not a quick-rich scheme trading I wanted.

What to do today? Buy the dip. Because it is all it was. A great opportunity to enter into positions you may have liquidated a long time ago. Or establish new ones. Next week will be bullish again.


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