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Few Tasks for 2022

As the year-end of 2021 approaches, I started a few new tasks or goals that I want to work on and develop during the year of 2022:


Fully fund and run HFEA strategy


HFEA strategy is accumulating 3x leveraged ETF (SPXL) but with downside protection (TMF). My initial goal was to use $15,000 of my available cash to build this strategy and then run it for the entire year with quarterly rebalancing. I am still accumulating to reach the $15,000 goal in this strategy. I will be posting strategy results every month.


Restart SPX credit spreads


After a few years of not trading this strategy, I did a lot of reading on how to trade SPX successfully but mainly how to protect my trades against market crashes, downturns, and black swans. These events can wipe out not just your trade profits, but your entire account. It happened to me a few times in the past.

After a lot of reading and studying, I adjusted the strategy to trade a put side only (it was mostly the call side that got me in trouble in the relentless bull market). So I eliminated this threat. But I also added a few indicators that help me to stay out of the market if it is too bearish. Even a slight negative market means that now, I am out and waiting for a bullish run. And in case the market turns down on a dime, I added SPX hedges that should protect my trades and the entire portfolio.

I will be posting PCS strategy results every week along with my Weekly investing and trading report. If you are interested in trade alerts, you can subscribe to my SPX trade alerts.


VIX hedging


I also decided to trade VIX LEAPS when certain criteria are met. I will be buying calls or puts based on the VIX position. The goal is to take advantage of the major market volatility issues.


Monetizing dividend stock positions


And finally, my most profitable strategy so far is trading strangles against my dividend stock holdings (plus stocks I want to own in the future). So partially, some strangles is fully covered, some partially covered, and a few are fully naked. This strategy helped me to recover my account and literally grow it from a little less than $2,000 to $100,000 net liq as of today. I even started a Challenge program to grow $100 into $75,000 and hope to duplicate my success that you can follow my alerts for these trades here.

I hope our 2022 year will be better than 2021. It will be a difficult task because 2021 was an extremely good year for us. I hope, it will be good to you too.

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