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Here we go again, the market circus continues.

Once again the market’s participants are freaking out about known issue that is probably no issue at all anymore. No one knows what is going on. The Media are trying to explain to us who pooped first but in the end, they are as clueless as everybody else. And the market circus continues.

In the morning, futures were up and the markets rallied led by tech stocks. Then they turned around and nosedived. Some blame banks, others easing inflation, or coming recession. Yes, it is the recession that has been coming since 2022 but has not arrived yet. And since it is the most anticipated recession in the US history, it will be coming for some time in the near future. And it may even arrive in the end if enough circus makers will feed the hydra of recession fear.

market circus

So, what’s the deal here? I think, the problem is that we received consumers’ sentiment report and it showed that people are not as eager to buy crap as they were in 2021. And suddenly, all the naysayers are screaming in unison “We told you so.” They fear that consumer will stop spending his hard earned money, companies will report less profits, and the economy will fall into the recession. Finally.

But the problem with this narrative is that the labor market is still extremely strong. Stronger than what the FED would like to see. And the stronger the labor market is, the more money a consumer makes and he is always ready to buy a new TV. Or go for an expensive vacation. I know it first hand as my family just purchased a vacation in Oregon that would cost arm and leg… you know, the flight, car rental, hotels, food… and new and fancy gifts in the gift shops on the main street in Portland.

My entire portfolio is hopelessly bleeding red, except Google (GOOGL) and Icahn’s IEP. Yes that same IEP that was trashed by Hindenburg not so long ago and crashed 40% is up 6% on shares buyback announcement. MPW crashed over 7% today after the company beat all estimates on their EPS and revenue. I guess they must have said something about their tenants and it was probably something nasty, so investors pooped their trousers.

Other than that, it is a nice, calm and steep rock falling on the floor today. Nothing to be worried about. For sure, the market circus is not over yet. It may end once we find out who the clown is.


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