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How Much Should You Be Spending on Home Security?

Most people only buy a couple of home security systems during their lives, so it’s easy to understand why they don’t know how much they should expect to spend on one. The fact is that the price of a security system will depend on the type of system that the home needs. The price range is fairly wide, but there are a lot of ways to cut down on the cost without compromising the system.

Basic Pricing

The cost of home security can range from a few dollars to install a decent lock on the front door to a couple thousand for the most advanced systems. Homeowners who need an average level of protection should expect to spend $500-$100 on their system, with added costs for people who need lighting or security camera coverage on large properties. People who want a monitored system should expect an additional cost of $30-$100 each month.

That may seem high, but it is much lower than the cost of replacing valuables after a robbery. The systems are also quite durable; the initial cost is not a recurring expense. There are even ways for smart shoppers to cut down on the price, so people can usually afford more security than they first believe.

Saving Money

There are two major ways to reduce the price of a security system. The first is to opt for package prices when they are available. Security companies often bundle alarms, cameras, services, and other security assets together for sale. These packages normally come with significant discounts, so they tend to be the best deal for people who can find a package that meets their needs.

Some people can also get discounts through their home insurance companies. Some companies work with specific security businesses to get discounts for their clients. The clients appreciate it because it saves money, but the insurance companies also benefit. They are less likely to have to pay out on the policy if their clients have security systems, so they usually encourage people to install them. In some cases, they will even offer discounts on insurance premiums to provide another incentive. Taking advantage of that can often cover most of the cost of a system within a remarkably short period.

The Price of Safety

The price of a security system will depend on the size and type of system that you need, but it will be quite affordable. When compared to the potential cost of getting robbed or injured, most systems turn out to be fairly good investments. As long as you keep your needs in mind and shop around to find a good deal, you should come out ahead on your security system.


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