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Looks like the correction is over… boys are chasing the market up again…

If you were waiting for lower prices and wanted to buy in, do it quickly otherwise you just missed the boat. It seems, the 10% correction is over and we are heading up again. Not because anything has changed or the economy improved over Saturday and Sunday, but because the market players just had their mood changed and what was bad last week is no longer bad but a bargain.

I may be wrong, but the market looks extremely bullish to me.

I kinda hate it that for the last four weeks the market was falling with only a little blip in the middle and today it seems it is set for a mindless upward moving. I just hope, I am wrong and we are going to see more downside although, I am skeptical, and it is probably time to switch gears and go bullish again.

We have hit 61% retracement, Friday trading was very strong and futures are pointing for a strong open. A zig-zag move up seems inevitable.

S&P 500 chart

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