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Market follow-through started a new rally attempt

Or is it another bounce? Today the [tag]market[/tag] entered into another [tag]rally attempt[/tag], fourth in a row. The market rallied on a new [tag]bank[/tag] [tag]bailout[/tag], which I personally do not like. Banks are receiving excessive monetary help, but can any of you experience any improvement? Did your [tag]interest rate[/tag] go down? Would you be able to get a new [tag]loan[/tag] recently? I talked to couple architects and developers and mostly their response was, that even though they have a very good [tag]credit[/tag] and they have good businesses, banks are reluctant [tag]lending money[/tag]. So what are they doing with the help they received? Buying new Jets?
Nevertheless this may be an impulse for the market propelling upwards and stimulate new growth, even though I am quite suspicious that such bailouts would help to start a sustainable trend.

+200.00 +2.46% 8,375.45
+53.44 +3.55% 1,558.34
+28.38 +3.36% 874.09

All [tag]indexes[/tag] are still below their [tag]50 day MA[/tag] and far below [tag]200 day MA[/tag] indicators. It still is not the right time to [tag]start investing[/tag]. I am still waiting in [tag]cash[/tag] for the next move, watching the market, [tag]stocks[/tag] and [tag]saving money[/tag] for future confirmed rally. There are no stocks, which would fit my picking criteria anyway.

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