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Market monitor – Sectors & Industries

Sectors are slowing down and rotating. However, we may be expecting some growth in upcoming month as Nick Godt is saying in his article. Well, if he is right, it may be the right time to buy some more positions from leading industries. When I chatted with Kevin last week about investing, he got a very good point:

“Do not invest in more than two companies within one sector.”

Very good point I think. Here are the sectors I could compile from the last week market performance. So let’s search for new opportunities within these sectors.

Last 30 days [tag]performance[/tag] (top 5):

Consumer goods +7.47%
Oil & Gas +7.40%
Financials +6.96%
Basic materials +5.86%
Technology +5.30%

(Data retrieved from [tag]financial[/tag] websites such as [tag]MarketWatch[/tag], [tag]MSN Money[/tag], [tag]Yahoo Finance[/tag], and others)

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