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Memorial Day


Today, I would like to take the opportunity to express how grateful I am for all our men and women who served this country and paid the highest price for it. I am old enough to remember how Americans treated their soldiers in 70’s and it was sad. I also remember how this attitude changed and Americans realized how precious those people willing to die for their country are.


I am also seeing how is this attitude changing again. Not just towards soldiers, but overall. Are we really forgetting? Do we need a thread to value our way of life? Do we really need Hitlers, Hussains, Al-Qaedas, Stalins, or other tyrants around the world to constantly remind us that, unfortunately, peace on Earth is still fragile?


Let’s remember all those who fought in all wars and died, so we can be sitting behind the computer and trade stocks without fear or worries. God bless their souls.

US Navy

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