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My Cheat On Commissions At Work Again

I was able to save a few bucks again ($100) and deposit to my ROTH IRA account. Yes, my ability to save is limited therefore I depend on increasing my income and thus I trade options to make more money. But if you are just starting the investing journey and you only have a few dollars to invest, I hope this will be a good inspiration for you how you can start with small money.

There are other strategies out there, but this one works best for me.

I invest a few dollars into commission free ETF which pays dividends and save money this way. Once I save enough (I have a minimum limit of $1,000 per stock purchase), I sell the ETF and buy a dividend growth stock.

I use RWX ETF for this purpose which pays around 3% dividend and so far I was able to make money with this ETF, unlike the others where I mostly lost money.

Tomorrow, I will be adding 2 shares for free to my RWX holding. That means I will have saved $765.17 dollars. I will need to save another $234.83 dollars to have $1,000. After that, I will be able to sell RWX and buy another stock in my ROTH IRA.

Which of the following stocks would you buy if it were you?

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Thanks for voting! And if you have any other stock idea, use comments below to share your tip!

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