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My Yakezie Progress

Proud Member of YakezieFirst quarter is behind us and for me it is time to start working on my performance review for the first quarter. At the beginning of the month I joined Yakezie Network challenge. I would like to post my monthly Yakezie progress:

When I joined the challenge on March 1, 2013 my Alexa rank was 1,798,936



Here are the values as time went by:

March 8, 2013 1,560,612
March 15, 2013 1,284,616
March 31, 2013 589,548

To me this is an excellent progress. When I was thinking about joining the challenge and I saw my original score I was thinking that it would be impossible to reach 200,000 Alexa rank or less within six months.

I am very impressed that I could lower my rank by more than 1 million points.

But I couldn’t do it without you, my readers. I appreciate your time you spend on this web site and leave a comment. I will work on providing a better content and advice based on my own experience in trading stocks and options.

Thank you all!

10 responses to “My Yakezie Progress”

  1. I definitely knew this was possible for you. You’re crushing it brother, keep it up!

  2. Congratulations on the progress. Keep putting out this amount of content and you’ll be at the 200k mark in no time.

  3. Great work! I’m hoping to get mine down to the sub-200 level, but I’ve kind of flatlined at my current level over the past 1.5 weeks.

  4. Kurt @ Money Counselor says:

    Nicely done! Congrats on your rapid progress!

  5. Congratulations on getting your Alexa score down that much. I’m pretty sure that if you keep posting regularly, you’ll hit below 200K within two months. Keep up the good work.

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