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New Iron Condor with STX in ROTH IRA

UPDATE: June 26, 2017 (TRADE CLOSED)

Today morning, our STX (Seagate Technology) June 30th 40.00 put strike closed for 0.04 debit. This closes our original Iron Condor completely and we can open a new trade (our calls closed at the beginning of the month for 0.02 debit so we only had puts on).

ORIGINAL TRADE: May 24, 2017

I had an Iron Condor in my ROTH IRA account (unreported in this blog) against Seagate Technology (STX) stock.

That trade closed today morning for a full profit. This released our buying power for a new trade.

We are opening a new Iron Condor against STX:

BTO 1 STX Jun30 38.50 put
STO 1 STX Jun30 40.00 put
STO 1 STX Jun30 46.00 call
BTO 1 STX Jun30 48.50 call

@ 0.34 credit limit

STX @ 43.04

Trade executed at 0.46 credit.

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