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New Job And July – August 2017 Income Reports

Lately, I wasn’t posting much as I quit my job and I was on the hunt for a new one.

Then, all my trading and dividend investing was on an autopilot and I wasn’t posting much either.

Now, that I have a new job, I hope will be able to get back to trading and publishing on this blog more often.

I also skipped reporting my last two months (July and August).

I kept my records up to date though, as I am still working on automating them – all I have to do is upload my *.csv file to my spreadsheet and all calculations are done automatically for me, so you still should be able to see my key metrics about trading and investing in Trades & Income.

I just want to publish a quick review of those missing months without any details:


 · ROTH IRA account:


July 2017 account value: $22,903.91 (up by $169.34;  +0.74%)
July 2017 dividend income: $127.34 (up from previous $87.90)
July 2017 options income: $19.19 (down from previous $243.37)
August 2017 account value: $22,741.00 (down by -$161.10;  -0.70%)
August 2017 dividend income: $91.23 (down from previous $127.34)
August 2017 options income: $59.44 (up from previous $19.19)
XIRR: 9.23%  



Monthly dividend Income:


My dividend holdings:

Options Income
(Click to enlarge)


 · TD account:


July 2017 account value: $21,818.60 (down by $1,346.66;  -5.81%)
July 2017 options income: $100.55 (down from previous $1,293.42)
August 2017 account value: $21,417.21 (down by $401.39;  -1.84%)
August 2017 options income: -$1,308.67 (down from previous $100.55)
XIRR: -31.45%  


Month-to-moth trading results

Trading results

(The red dots on the chart indicate income estimate, blue bars actual earnings.)



We are presenting you our month-to-month business performance review:


 · Lending Club


July 2017 account value: $211.97 (unchanged)
July 2017 interest income: $0.00 (unchanged)
August 2017 account value: $313.17 (up by $101.20; +47.74%)
August 2017 interest income: $1.20 (up from previous $0.00)
XIRR: 3.85%  




 · Conclusion


Due to my life (job) changing events last two months our trading and income building effort was on an autopilot and I was mostly monitoring my open positions. Since now I have a new job I hope to have more time again and start posting about our trading again.

As far as the market and my outlook, I am still bullish and I think we are heading higher.

Many investors and bears out there will disagree with me but they are overlooking one important thing I have been saying in my posts for some time now:

  • accelerating economy
  • low inflation

The US economy is still growing and accelerating. We had the second best earnings since 2011, sales grew by 5% year over year, luxury index grew by 24% year over year, ISM manufacturing index went up and came as the 76th month high and inflation is still way below FED target.

So how does the inflation affect the stock market?

This is a metric bears miss to see. They are largely comparing today’s market with 2000 or 2007 market saying that with S&P 500 P/E at over 20 we are at pre-crash levels.

They however forget to see that with a low inflation we can actually afford higher valuation. What is the difference? In 2000 or 2007 the inflation was at 14%, today at 1.7%. If you adjust S&P 500 for inflation, our today’s S&P 500 P/E is only at 7 level!!! Thus we can go even higher and still absorb the stock market valuation.

Our economy is growing and accelerating. Expect this market to go higher until this changes. And I will be the first one who would trumpet this out. Believe me. I have my own skin in this game.

What do you expect from the stock market in September? Will it grow more or are we going to see a correction? And how does it affect your investing and trading strategy?

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