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New Trade – Coca-Cola (KO) – put selling

As I wrote in my last post, we had an expiration Frioday last week. I had two put selling trades in play which expired that day.

It was a put contract against the following stocks, which would bring me a monthly income:

Demand media (DMD) total gain from this trade: $41.21
Ferrellgas Partners LP (FGP) total gain from this contract: $101.21

February TOTAL: $142.42 (after commissions)

Today, I could open a new options trade. I looked which stocks could bring me the best premium and which of the contracts I could open with my current options buying power. Then I chose Coca-Cola (KO) company.

I sold 1 August contract and collected $115.00 in premiums (before commissions).

Trade detail

Here is the trade order I entered today morning:

02/24/2014 Sold 1 KO Aug 16 2014 36.0 Put @ 1.15

The trade executed and I collected my premium.

If you want to see my trades right when they execute, without waiting for me to report it here in this blog, you can follow my trades at My Trade website. I’ll start publishing my trades in real time. If you use Think or Swim platform, you will be able to copy those trades into your platform and trade them, if you want.

Happy Trading!

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