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New Trade – Digital Dollars motif at Motif Investing

Today I bought another motif of my interest at Motif Investing – Digital Dollars.

This Motif was created by Motif Investing. Why I bought it? The reason is the exact same why I recently bought MasterCard to my ROTH IRA account.

We can see more and more people using different ways paying for their bills and shopping. We are now using plastic or online transactions more than cash. There are companies which will benefit from this transition as we already could see in previous years. The non-cash transactions reached $333 billion in 2012 and it is growing by 8% in average annually.

Trade a custom portfolio of 3D printing stocks

I believe, this is a growth industry as more online payment processing will become significant in other countries than the US itself.

If you like companies like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or payment processor because of the way they make money, buying this motif is right for you. For a little cash you can own a fraction of those companies now and slowly build your portfolio all the way up and benefit from the growth of that industry right away. You do not have to wait for saving enough cash to buy just one company from this portfolio. You can buy them all with your first investment and add to it next time.

What is my next plan then?

There are two more motifs I am interested in so far (it may change). One is a 3D printing motif which contains companies involved in 3D printing industry. Although 3D printing was developed in 1980, the latest industry is gaining steam as more adjacent industries such as aerospace & defense, automotive, education, or healthcare start seeing a great potential of cheaper manufacturing.

The second motif I am interested in is a collection of MLPs offering 7% + dividend yield.

Get up to $150 when you start trading with Motif

At this point I am saving another cash amount to purchase the 3D printing motif and the MLPs motif. Once these two motifs will be purchased, I will start investing equally into all motifs I have and rotate my investments.

I will be buying:



What about you? Do you think it is a better idea to buy a whole bunch of stocks with one purchase and accumulate a bulk portfolio or would you rather stick to saving cash for each individual stock and build your portfolio slowly one stock at a time?

If you think investing into ideas via Motif Investing, support this blog by opening a new account via this Motif Investinglink. Thanks a lot!

2 responses to “New Trade – Digital Dollars motif at Motif Investing”

  1. Marvin says:

    I personally prefer saving up my cash and buying stocks one at a time. It allows me to focus on one stock and learn everything I can about that investment.

    • Martin says:

      Marvin, that makes sense. But with motif you can select stocks you already have and group them together and then be buying them in increments. Thanks for stopping by.

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