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Save Up for a Cause

This is a guest post by Jeremias. He introduced himself.
My knowledge regarding stocks or investments I would say is quite on the average compared to people on the same age as I am, 15 years old. My parents introduced me to mutual funds when I was seven years old and I place money there on a yearly basis. I have quite saved a large amount of money ( for me), but I intend to use it at my senior years.
For me it is impressive, and I am happy, to meet a young man like Jeremias who is interested in saving and investing cash in such young age. I believe, if he continues educating himself in investing, he will be able to retire early. Very early.


Saving money is a very important term to remember in personal finance. Such action plays a very big role in building ones future. People save up to buy things or acquire the services they want in the future. It is very simple to save, even kids can; but the very people who often save are teenagers and adults. Everyone has a reason for saving money, what is yours?

On what purpose do people save? Why is it so important for us to save? There are three major reasons why people save. First, an individual wants or needs something so he/she saves up money to be able to buy it in the future. Second, a parent’s priority is to provide what the family needs. Lastly, people want to have a secure senior citizen life.

As part of our human nature, we have the feeling of wanting something. We have worldly desires. These things are those we buy to fulfil our desires. They should only be of secondary priority in life. We can live without them. On the other hand, we also have needs. These help us live. Without having them, we might already be dead. These are our basic needs like shelter, clothing, and food.

In life, people usually do not want to live alone, so eventually, they find a partner in life and have a family of their own. They become parents, but it is not simple being a parent or having a family of your own. Being a parent has its responsibilities. One has responsibilities to his/her partner, to the children, and to the family. Parents have to, of course, provide the needs of the family. This includes the basic needs to live (as stated above), and the children’s education. These are not the only needs of the family, there are a lot more and the parents have the responsibility to provide them.

Being a senior citizen is still difficult even at these times or in any country. Many are not provided with their needs. Some are not financially stable and do not get enough medical needs and attention. No one wants his/her children who already have their own families to worry about them too much. Some think they are a burden to the family and they do not want it. This happens because the pension other countries provide is not enough to help their senior citizens. So, for life to be easier when one reaches seniority, he/she must save up money for the future.

These are only some of the many possible reasons a person must save money. They save for the needs and wants of the person himself/herself, for the family, and for the senior citizen years of a person. The very solution to accomplish all this is to save money at an early age or as soon as possible. Everything is possible, you just have to work hard and wait for it.

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