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September 2021 $100 Challenge account review

September 2021 is over and we continue building our challenge account. We are currently tracking our goal, our metrics are slightly below the goal but we are moving higher.

As I mentioned before, building a small account is a slow process but as time goes by, it will speed up and you will be pleased with the results.

We started this program six months ago and it is intended for people who have a small account and very little money to invest. Every month we deposit $100 to our account and invest in stocks to generate income. That income is then used to trade options and generate even more income that can be reinvested.


Accumulation phase

The account is slightly underperforming our goal but it is on the path to success. We are now trading small trades (strangles) and we will continue accumulating shares for our next options trade. The strangle trades are consuming collateral buying power but as they near towards expiration we will see a jump in BP and net-liq.

We are trading strangles because they are easier to manage compared to Iron Condors, but they are also a bit more expensive as far as capital requirements go. That is why choosing good stocks to trade is crucial. Choose safe, stable stocks, providing enough premium and stability. And that is what we are doing.

September 2021 Challenge account review


June 2021: $203.00 $202.67
July 2021: $306.00 $334.75
August 2021: $409.00 $397.71
September 2021: $512.00 $476.91
October 2021: $615.00  
November 2021: $718.00  
December 2021: $821.00  
January 2022: $924.00  
February 2022: $1,027.00  
March 2022: $1,130.00  
April 2022: $1,233.00  
May 2022: $1,336.00  


$100 Challenge account review

From the chart above, the red dot (line) indicates the current account value, compared to the blue line (plan). Our account is trailing our goal. When trading naked options, expect volatility in your net-liq. That can be seen by some as a disadvantage. When trading spreads, your net-liq will be stabilized by neutralizing delta. With naked options, you would have to choose other instruments to do so, for example owning stocks to neutralize your call side. We do not have this yet as our account is small, but we are building our position.

September 2021 Overall Challenge account review

The chart below indicates our account value compared to the overall goal and plan to grow $100 investment into a $75,000 portfolio. As of today, we are at the beginning of our journey.

Year 0: $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
Year 1: $1,300.00 $1,336.00 $476.91
Year 2: $2,500.00 $3,016.96  
Year 3: $3,700.00 $5,303.07  
Year 4: $4,900.00 $8,412.17  
Year 5: $6,100.00 $12,640.55  
Year 6: $7,300.00 $18,391.15  
Year 7: $8,500.00 $26,211.96  
Year 8: $9,700.00 $36,848.27  
Year 9: $10,900.00 $51,313.64  
Year 10: $12,100.00 $70,986.56  


$100 Challenge account review goal


September 2021 Challenge account Income


Total Invested in Stocks $193.57
Total Unrealized Profit -$6.33
Total Realized Profit $2.21
Strangles Income $92.00
Dividends Income $6.46


August 2021 Cumulative return Challenge account review


As of today, our challenge account provided a -7.47% monthly cumulative return.

$100 Challenge account review goal

$100 Challenge account review goal


If you want to see what investments we take, what trades and strategies we will use to grow this small account join our program today and grow your money too. We engage in safe investments, select strategies to maximize winning trades, and grow our portfolio. And you can do it too, today! We do not provide quick rich promises, gambling, or reckless strategies. We want our portfolio to grow steadily and preserving our capital while maximizing returns.




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