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Stocks to buy in February 2015

If you bought the stocks I recommended at the beginning of January 2015 and held them until now, you would be up 2.0%.

After the volatile and wild month we just went thru, full of wild ups and downs I can’t believe, the stocks I selected for January ended up 20%. Although it wasn’t an easy road. I noticed that at some point those stocks were in a deep hole, yet they managed to dig themselves up and end profitable.

I just stopped their price actualization, so you can go back and check it out.

So can we repeat this next month? I do not know, so let’s put my screener back to work and see if we can be as successful in February as in January. Here is a list of stocks to buy in February:



You can decide to buy only a few of those stocks or all of them or just those which pay dividends. In the list, there are a few stocks which were a bit of a surprise to me such as Ford (F) which pays 4% dividend as of this writing. Ford was a stock I was thinking to invest in at some point and seeing it showing up on my screener makes me feel very strong about this stock.

So, let’s pretend we sold all of our January selections except those which showed up again in the list above and added new stocks from this list above. Let’s see how February will end up with those stocks.

What do you think, would you invest in those stocks, all of them, some of them, or not at all?

Good luck!

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4 responses to “Stocks to buy in February 2015”

  1. Hi Martin! Thanks for sharing your list! I enjoyed looking into your stocks because some were unknown for me. :) You even have QIWI, which has business in Russia. :)

    from a first glance I added to my watch list FCX, BBEP, GME and AGNC.

    I own shares of Ford. My favorite from your list would be FCX and MSFT so far.

    • Martin says:

      Hey Happy Girl! Thanks for stopping by. I like Ford too. I didn’t think much of this stock before but it suddenly showed up in my list and I checked it and was surprised. Although Ford is not a true DGI investment, mostly thanks to 2008 mess, I think it is worth investing in it.

      FCX was in my list for ages and I was trading it many times. I added it into my Motif investing account and it’s doing well. Still interestingly priced in the Market worth buying, imho. AGNC is the same baby, although not a true DGI investment, but I have been in that stock for years and dividends they pay are great (although they cut it a few years ago, I believe they will start raising them soon).

      Good luck with your investments!

  2. DivHut says:

    Interesting to see FCX at the top of your list. Though I’m not considering that stock just yet for a February buy I did just write a post about them a few days ago. I wanted to highlight the great price decline of copper and FCX made it on the top of my list. Thanks for sharing. Let us know if you buy any of these.

    • Martin says:

      I will be buying these stocks at my ROTH IRA account, but not yet as I do not have cash available as of now. But I definitely keep you posted.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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