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Strategy update

The recent strategy I adopted for my 5 year plan to freedom works perfectly. Well, I knew it would work. I have traded that strategy for about two years earlier in the days when I started trading options. That’s what I was taught by my mentor. I might have been financially free already if I hadn’t abandoned it.

Since mid April 2019 when I started trading my SPX 7-day trading strategy (in fact, it is only 3 day), I opened 27 trades. Out of those trades, only 2 were losing trades and they were very small loses, mostly due to mismanagement when I was not yet sure how to react properly to the market’s behavior.

But May and June trades had no losing trades at all. Pretty much a 100% accuracy. OK, I shouldn’t say that. I had a few trades which I adjusted and these were losing trades, but the adjustments brought in enough credit to offset the loss plentifully. I only made less money, but I made money. I didn’t lose.

And I am happy to see and share these results.

You can follow those trades on our Facebook page and paper trade them to see for yourself. You can follow the open and closed trades in our spreadsheet. You can even subscribe to our free email or text alerts, (just send us an email to info@zzcapitalmanagement.com with your email if you want email alerts, or phone number, if you want text messages, or both, if you want both). Whenever we post a new trade, you get an alert to check the Facebook page for details. Whenever we adjust the trade, you also get an alert. And it’s free; at least for now.

I wish you all good luck and blessings.

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