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Posted by Martin November 28, 2014

Expiration Friday mostly flat

Expiration Friday mostly flat

The week looked good until last Thursday end of the trading. Markets were slightly up which was good for our options positions set to end this Friday. I had an Iron Condor against SPX set to expire today. It was 2105/2110 calls and 2030/2035 puts. Since the market ended at $2067.56, both legs of the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 09, 2012

New trade – FCX

Freeport McMoRan (FCX) Bear Call spread BTO 1 FCX Feb18 2012 42.00 Call STO 1 FCX Feb18 2012 39.00 Call Price: limit credit $1.20 Max risk: $180 Max gain: $120 if price stays below $39 at expiration Update: 01/10/2012 – filled @ $1.2 ($120 credit)